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Bonfire Party & Printable Wine Labels

There is nothing quite like sitting around a bonfire with a group of friends, drinking some wine or beer and toasting marshmallows!

A bonfire party is one of the easiest parties to hold because it requires no decoration or added flare, and is simply about enjoying the company of good friends.

Bonfire PartyI recently showed you the Kit Kat cake that I made for my husband’s birthday.  His birthday wasn’t a “special age”, birthday but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be celebrated.  We decided to hold a bonfire party to celebrate his birthday and design some printable wine labels especially for the occasion.

So what did this party entail?

It was simple….BBQ sausages with bread and sauce, a fire pit cranked to the max with marshmallows for toasting and some lovely red and white wine to share with friends.  The printable wine labels spruced up some otherwise dull looking clean skin bottles, and they worked a treat.

It’s pretty hard to resist a roaring fire….I’m not sure what it is, but having a fire pit at a party is a great conversation starter and offers a focal point for people.  Of course, it does also add some competition between the guys as to who is going to be the chief fire protector….or prodder!  Fire pits are inexpensive and can be purchased from most hardware stores.

They will also offer hours of fun outside of a party situation as there is nothing quite like sitting outside listening to the crackle of a fire and gazing at the stars.  Are you following me on this one??

Bonfire PartyOf course, it is also hard to have a fire and not have marshmallows on hand to toast.  The question is… you allow yourself the time to slowly toast your marshmallow or do you go for the plunge into the fire, blow out the flames and have the charcoal marshmallow?  It’s a tough call!

Marshmallows for a bonfire partyPrintable Wine Labels For Your Bonfire Party:

I designed some printable wine labels for both the red and white wine on offer, which looked great on the table.  Personalizing your wine bottles is a great idea to add some flare to your party and it is nice to have something a little bit different.

I designed two labels for this occasion.  A “Happy Birthday” label and an “Age Defying” label for both red and white wine.

Love these labels?

You can obtain them today in our Etsy Shop.  Simply choose your design and print.  I used double sided sticky tape to attach the labels to the bottles and this worked perfectly.  Remember to print onto waterproof paper if you intend on placing the white wine bottles into an Esky, otherwise the paper will go soggy and the colours will run.  Not a good look!

Birthday Printable Wine Labels You can print these happy birthday labels here.

Birthday Age Defying Printable Wine Labels

Birthday Age Defying Printable Wine Labels

Birthday Age Defying Printable Wine Labels Love the Age Defying wine labels?  You can grab these for yourself here.

Bonfire Party and Printable Wine Labels

Bonfire PartyOnce the fire is cranked, all you need to do is set some mood lighting.

Fairy lights are always great for outdoor evening parties as they create enough light that people can still see, but provide a lovely ambiance.  We finished off with some music from Ministry of Sound and we were good to go….it was a fantastic chilled yet enjoyable evening with friends.

Are you a fan of a bonfire party?  If you are stuck for a party theme, this one will be a winner every time!

Planning a party is about more than just choosing a great theme, which is why I have put together the ultimate party planning guide.

With all the answers at your finger tips “Planning the perfect party” saves you the stress and headache of trying to remember every facet of planning and hosting that bonfire party to be remembered, so you have more time to focus on the people and things that matter.

Check out my e-book and let me take the stress and headache out of organizing your next party or event.

You can also keep up to date with events by subscribing to Smart Party Planning and downloading your free party checklist!

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