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Kit Kat Cake

You have probably seen pictures of Kit Kat cake circulating the internet….particularly on Pinterest for a while now. I know that I certainly have and I have been dying to try it out.

It was hubby’s birthday on the weekend, which was the excuse I needed!

The result??  Well……it definitely did not disappoint.

I was surprised at just how quick and easy it was to make, which makes this cake ideal even for a cake decorating novice!!

Kit Kat Cake

How to make a Kit Kat Cake:

First of all, you need to make yourself a cake…any flavour will do.

I decided to go for vanilla sponge so not to have chocolate overload, but it really depends how addicted to chocolate you are!!

The cake I made was in a 6cm deep and 20cm wide cake pan, and the size worked perfectly.

Whether you choose to make your own cake from scratch or use a packet cake mix, it really doesn’t matter…just choose a recipe that you feel comfortable working with.

how to make a kit kat cake

Once the cake has cooled, mix up some frosting and literally cover the entire cake.

Don’t worry about this looking particularly even or pretty….no-one is ever going to see this frosting layer, so it really doesn’t have to be professional looking!  Just slap it on with a nice even coverage and you are good to go!!

How to make a kit kat cake

Now starts the fun decorating part to form the kit kat cake.

I used 3 packets of large kit kat bars (and had some spare).

It really doesn’t matter which way you choose to place the kit kats on the cake, but I wanted to have a smooth look, so I placed the top facing the cake.  Either way will work just fine.

How to make a kit kat cake

Once you are happy that the kit kats are all in place, you can start with the topping.

I chose to use smarties, but you could really use whatever topping you wish.  Smarties are bright and lively which made them my sweet of choice!

I wanted to create a spiral effect on the top of the cake, so carefully placed each smartie individually.  (Otherwise you could throw them on the top of the cake….this messy look would also work really well).

How to make a kit kat cake

Keep going until you have filled the entire layer with smarties…….now it looks pretty yummy doesn’t it!

How to make a kit kat cake


For a finishing touch, add a ribbon around the cake.

The ribbon also helps to keep all the kit kats in place.  Then viola… is your finished kit kat cake.

Kit Kat Cake

It’s pretty impressive isn’t it?  And I can vouch that it tastes AMAZING!!!!!

I’m not sure who’s eyes bulged the most when they saw this cake, my hubby or my daughter….but one thing is for sure….it was enjoyed by all!

Have you ever made a kit kat cake?  What was your experience?  If you havn’t already done so, do you feel inspired to give it a go? Trust me…you won’t be disappointed!

Kit Kat Cake

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4 Responses to Kit Kat Cake

  1. Matt Smith July 16, 2013 at 11:44 pm #

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Kit Kat Cake 🙂

    Looks great Catherine! May have to make that at some point, got a lot of Birthdays in the family next month, so this could be a good recipe to use. 🙂

    • Catherine Holt July 17, 2013 at 9:02 am #

      Ha ha…I thought this one might tempt you Matt! Absolutely make it. Honestly…it was incredibly easy to do and you family will love you (even more) for it!!

  2. Zoe November 26, 2013 at 4:57 am #

    This is beautiful, I’ve made a kit Kat cake before but I love the way you spiralled the smarties, it’s very effective. Zoe x

    • Catherine Holt November 26, 2013 at 1:33 pm #

      Thanks Zoe…the spiral effect did look great. It took a little longer to do that just throwing the smarties on the top, but i think it is worth it for a nice change. It also uses less smarties 🙂

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