Tips for Planning a Party

You can NEVER be too organised for a party!!

There are many tips that will help your party planning.  Using some party planning tips will take the stress out of planning your next party.

♦ Use a party planning checklist This will make your life a lot easier!

♦ Keep it personal. Your party needs to be unique to the person it is intended for.  Make it unique and people will keep talking about it!

♦ Choose a themeThe party details will fall into place, once you have chosen your theme.  This will also help give your party the uniqueness that it required.

♦ Send out invitations at least 3 weeks before the event and specify an RSVP date.  You want to give your guests plenty of notice.  This will also ensure that you have time to plan any catering required.  If you don’t receive a response from everyone, it is acceptable to contact people to confirm final numbers.

♦ Decide on your catering early in the planning process.  You will need to organise shopping lists with plenty of time to spare.  Determine how you will be serving the food and either borrow or buy anything that you are missing.

♦ Prepare a speech.  If your party is a formal affair, it is customary to provide a speech.  This doesn’t need to be long, but is an opportunity to thank your guests for attending.

♦ RELAXThe preparation is organised and completed, so relax and enjoy the party.  The more relaxed you are, the more likely your guests will relax and enjoy the party too.

Do you like these tips?

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Have fun reading and planning.  If you have any other tips you would like to see featured, please let me know!


Thanks for reading

Catherine Holt (Smart Party Planning)

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  1. says

    I must confess, you share one of the most interesting and useful party tips online. The way you write about them, the tips, the pictures and the whole story are something worth commending. You have really pointed out the tips to a successful party also where people need to prepare ahead of time and send IV as early as possible. Thanks Cath.

  2. says

    Hi Cath,

    Your how-to’s party list is pretty good and all-inclusive. Having a Plan B as you suggest is normally never thought of, and I think it’s a compulsory must! I particularly like about thanking the guests at the end of the party. Nice article, Cath.

    • says

      I think a lot of people overlook a plan B Binny….but i think it is a good idea to have one up your sleeve just in case mother nature decides to attend the party! I agree….i like to thank people for coming, especially if they have gone to the effort of giving a gift….it is a small way of showing your appreciation. Thanks for your visit and your comment ;0)

  3. matt massaro says

    Thanks Catherine! Pinned and Stumbled it. I love all of the resources you have available on your site.

    I will definitely point people to this site to use and get tips!

    • says

      Thank you Matt. I’m pleased to hear that you have found some of the tips here useful, and I hope they can make things a whole lot easier when you are planning your next party ;0)

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