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Archive | The Party Planning Checklist

The 8 steps of the party planning checklist are broken down and explored in detail here. Need a bit more information on the know how of one particular part of party planning? This is the place for you!

How to plan a party

Infographic: How To Plan A Party In 7 Easy Steps

I often share with you different ways that you can plan a party.  Whether it’s a ladybug, spiderman or ballerina theme party, the essential elements of planning a party are always the same. You may have already read the party planning checklist that identifies the things you need to consider when you plan a party. […]

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Party Music: Step 8 of the Party Planning Checklist

So you have reached step 8 of the party planning checklist: The music. Choosing the music for your party is another area that requires some thought and attention and should not be overlooked in your party planning checklist. Too many people think the music will just somehow sort itself out, or they leave it to […]

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Party Food and Drink: Step 7 of the Party Planning Checklist

YUuummmmm……we are now talking food and drinks! Step 7 of the party planning checklist is certainly a delight for the taste buds. Think back to the last party you went to………… Where did people seem to congregate?        That’s right – it was at the food table! When people go to a party, they love to […]

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Party Activities: Step 6 of the Party Planning Checklist

Step 6 of the party planning checklist is the step which probably has most of you baffled! When you think of party activities, are children’s activities springing to mind? Are you thinking ‘pass the parcel’ and ‘pin the tail on the donkey’?! When I mention party activities, I don’t necessarily mean ‘games’, although you can certainly […]

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Party Decorations: Step 5 of the Party Planning Checklist

Party decorating can be very exciting and allows your imagination to run wild.  However, it is important to keep check of the party budget from step 1 of the party planning checklist because it is very easy to let your excitement get ahead of you and you can end up spending a lot more than you […]

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The Party Theme: Step 3 of the Party Planning Checklist

How many parties have you held before? Have you ever thought of having  a themed party to make it stand out from the crowd? If you LOVE holding parties, you are going to love themed parties, and step 3 of the party planning checklist will put you on the right track!!! In this post we […]

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The Party Budget: Step 1 of the Party Planning Checklist

Planning a budget is probably the last thing that you think of doing when organising a party. Failing to set a budget before you do anything can mean spending a lot more than you initially bargained for……..but after it is spent….it’s too late! Planning a party should not be a stressful affair.  You should be […]

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The 8 Step Party Planning Checklist Explained

• When you organise a party do you ever consider following a checklist? • Are you someone that dreads holding a party because you have no idea where to start the planning? • Do you even know where to start with the planning?   If the thoughts of planning a party is taking all the […]

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