Wizard of Oz Party Ideas

For those of you looking for something magical, why not check out some Wizard of Oz party ideas. Whether the kids love the new ‘Wicked’ or the old Wizard of Oz 1939 film, this is a party that you can have a lot of fun with.

I have collected five awesome parties for you from around the web, which I know you are going to love.  So relax and enjoy your little bit of Oz!!!

Wizard of Oz Party Ideas

Let’s start the week with this party by Adella & Co.  I absolutely love every detail here, and the selection of food is delicious.  The bright rainbow colours in contrast to the hay bales looks fantastic, and let’s not forget those adorable red shoes!!  This really is a ‘”Somewhere over the rainbow” party.

Dorothy Shoes

For some Wizard of Oz party ideas that include crafts, look no further than this party by Mama & Baby Love.  If the amazing decoration, and food table isn’t enough to excite the kids, then these crafts certainly would.  It’s great having theme specific activities at a party, and this provides plenty of inspiration.

Oreo Witch Legs

The cake from this party by Bubble and Sweet immediately caught my attention, so I had to include it in this roundup!  It’s so clever and I love the witches feet coming from under the house.  The rest of the party???  Well, it just goes to show what can be done with 2 weeks of planning!  You will have to check it out for yourself!

Wizard of Oz house

I love this party by A Little Loveliness, that was thrown for no other reason than for the love of the kids. How excited would the kids have been to come home from school to a party like this!  I love the simplicity of this party, yet it still incorporates all the details of Oz. This party will provide a lot of inspiration for those that just want to have a lot of fun!

Wizard of Oz Party Ideas

To finish off the week, let’s look at this party by Limelight Special Events.  This party simply oozes colour, right from the initial yellow brick road, all the way to the dessert table.  It’s colourful, fun, sweet and certainly centered around having fun!

Wizard of Oz dessert table

Planning your own Wizard of Oz party?  Check out the following party supplies to help set the scene….

Is a Wizard of Oz party a theme that you think the kids would enjoy?  What would you find at the end of your yellow brick road?

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    These are all great Catherine! I remember when I was a kid The Wizard of Oz came on once a year for several years in a row. My siblings and I ALWAYS watched it. Thanks for sharing at the Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party:)

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      Ah I used to watch the Wizard of Oz as a kid all the time too. Great isn’t it. I wouldnt have thought of it as a party theme until I did the round up, but now I’m totally sold on it!!

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