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Wedding Beer Labels

I have been to a couple of weddings recently, so I thought I’d design some wedding beer labels!!

There is so much preparation that goes into a wedding, right from the time the guy pops the question.  One of the first things that the happy couple do is think about who they are going to have as their bridal party.

So today we have something for the boys.  These wedding beer labels are to help the groom to be, ask his best mates to be part of his special day!

Wedding beer labels

This set of printable beer labels comes complete with 4 designs.  Two of the designs, ask the all important questions “will you be my Best Man?” and “Will you be my Groomsman?”.

What better way for the groom to be, to ask his mates than to hand them a beer!  Isn’t that what guys do….chat whilst drinking beer?

Wedding beer labels

Once the guys have agreed (which of course they will), the next beer can be handed to them with their relative titles “Best Man” and “Groomsman”.

Guys have short memories, so it is best to be able to remind them don’t you think…he he.

Best Man Beer Labels

Groomsman Beer Labels

These wedding beer labels would certainly help make the occasion extra special and I’m sure would also create a few laughs!

You can also use the ‘title’ labels on the morning of the wedding (when the guys sneak in that cheeky beer or two!!).  A perfect way to start the morning.

So what do you think?  Is this a great way for the groom to ask his mates to be in the bridal party?

To obtain these labels, simply follow the link here.

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