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Vodka Jelly Shots

Christmas may well be over, but with New Years literally just around the corner, there will be plenty of parties to attend.

Vodka jelly shots are a well known party favourite and can be made with very little effort.

If you would like to try them for your next party, why not give them a bit of a  revamp and serve them in small chocolate cups.

Just make sure that they are not served near children as they do look very tempting to the eye!!

Making vodka jelly shots is very easy and there is still plenty of time to organise them before your New Years celebrations.

All you will need is a packet jelly, vodka and some chocolate cups!

Mix the jelly as recommended on the packaging, but use only 3/4 of the recommended water.

The other 1/4 is made up of vodka.  This vodka is substituted for the portion of cold water that you add to the jelly.

Once the jelly has been made, pour  into the chocolate cups and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

TIP: Wait until the boiling water has cooled before adding the vodka to the jelly mix otherwise the heat will evaporate all the alcohol!!

Once refrigerated, serve with some garnish and you have an attractive dessert and alcoholic beverage all in one!

Simple yet fun…..give them a try!

What do you think.  Are you tempted to give the chocolate cups a try or are you more of a fan of the traditional vodka jelly shots?

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Thanks for reading

Catherine Holt (Smart Party Planning)


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2 Responses to Vodka Jelly Shots

  1. Richard May 7, 2013 at 12:06 pm #

    I’ve got a birthday party coming up and these look like a great way to get things going 🙂

    • Catherine Holt May 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm #

      I’m sure your guests will love these Richard 🙂 They are a party favourite!!

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