Vintage Airplane Baby Shower

If you are looking for something a little different for your next baby shower, then this vintage airplane baby shower by Jamie of Keep Calm and Plan A Party  is absolutely gorgeous.  I love her use of props to enhance the vintage theme, and matching it to the theme of the baby’s nursery made it extra special!

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower

Jamie said about planning the party: “The inspiration for this baby shower came from the bedding the parents had picked out for the nursery.  It had vintage airplanes and helicopters on it.  When I saw it, I knew I had to go with a vintage travel theme for the baby shower.  I brought in old globes, vintage suitcases and lots of ‘clouds’ as well as airplanes to pull off this shower.  I also used coffee to give new maps an old look and created buntings with them. This was such a fun event to create!  I’m so glad the parents to be allowed me to be a part of their special day!”

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Party Decoration:

The vintage theme was evident throughout the entire party decoration.  Jamie styled the tables with maps, clouds and globes with tiny wooden airplanes dotted around.  A gorgeous framed aged map and bunting gave styling and colour to the dessert table with added dimension from the suitcases and books.  Mason jars are so incredibly popular at the moment due to their versatility.  They were the perfect addition to the styling on this table.

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Party Decoration

Vintage Globe

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Decoration

Party Food:

This party consisted of a dessert table, which looked absolutely delicious.  With an array of cookies, cupcakes, and brownies, it certainly didn’t disappoint.  With some careful placement of airplanes, globes and books on the dessert table, this was an enticing centrepiece.

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Party Food

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Party Food

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Party Food

Party Activities:

It is always a good idea to have some party activities at baby showers….it is almost to be expected! Jamie set aside some bibs for guests to decorate, and even provided cookie cutters for the less creative guests to be able to trace around.  Decorating bibs is not only a fun activity, but also a lovely personalized gift for the new parents.

Baby Shower Bibs

Party Favors:

Don’t you just love those tiny packets of peanuts you get when travelling.  Jamie did a wonderful job of incorporating these peanuts into party favors and they worked perfectly.  They were customized with the family name “Frye”,and presented in a vintage suitcase, which were a big hit with all the guests.

Party Favor Peanuts

What do you think of this theme for a baby shower?  Do you know some parents that would love this?

I think this theme would be especially ideal for people that have a passion for travel.  A baby also signifies a new adventure, so it is a lovely connection to bring to a baby shower.  This party would also work beautifully for a birthday or for an engagement party.

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