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Vibrant And Entertaining Rainbow Party

A rainbow party is a fantastic theme for both boys and girls.  It is an incredibly vibrant theme and you can have so much fun with it.

This rainbow party was held by my friend Gemma for her son’s 2nd birthday.  The kids all had a wonderful time and my daughter certainly loved all the colourful decoration. I am absolutely delighted to be able to share this party with you today.

Rainbow Party

Gemma said about the party planning: “I needed an easy theme as I didn’t have to much time to prepare.  My aim was to make it colourful and inviting for toddlers, and to supply activities that toddlers could get involved with.  I also wanted parents to relax knowing their child was entertained and happy.  As usual I trawled through Pinterest to give me ideas to use or bounce off of.  Finding colour supplies is really easy and the food was fun too.  I’m not a great baker and didn’t have much time to do it so went for something simple that looked visually Dazzling.  My favourite was the party favour boxes.  I dislike sending small, unusable, breakable items home.  I wanted to fill the box with things the toddlers could use or play with.  I got some great feed back from my friends regarding the favour boxes.  Overall I just love planning parties for Alistair with many more to come.”

Rainbow Party Decoration:

Decoration does not need to be lavish or expensive and Gemma demonstrated perfectly how to obtain an outstanding look without breaking the bank.  I love how she incorporated the rainbow behind and above the food table to really give the impression that you were under a rainbow.  She even included some white fluffy clouds made out of tissue paper pom poms.  Everywhere you looked there was a splash of colour!

Rainbow Party Table

Rainbow party decoration

Rainbow coloured balloons


Party Frame


Party Activities:

It is always a great idea to have activities at young children’s parties, to ensure the kids are entertained.  The happier the children are…the happier the parents are!

I love the activities that Gemma had planned for the kids, which were simple yet incredibly effective.  The rainbow drop cartoons made out of milk cartons and pom poms were an absolute hit with the kids and a dress up area is always going to put a smile on the kids faces!

Rainbow party activities

Dress Ups

Rainbow Party Food:

The great thing about a rainbow party is that anything goes on the food table, and the more colour you can incorporate the better!  There was a plentiful selection of both sweet and savoury with all the kids favourites, such as fairy bread, mini cupcakes, tiny teddy cars and of course rainbow jelly!

Gemma made a wonderful kit kat and smarties cake which looked fantastic as a centrepiece and was enjoyed by all.

Rainbow cake

Mini rainbow cupcakes

Tiny Teddy Cars

Rainbow Jello

melting moments

Rainbow fruit

Rainbow Water Bottles

Rainbow straws

Rainbow Party Favors:

Party favors are a lovely token to be given to kids after a party.  Gemma made up a favor box for each child which included small items such as play dough, rainbow pencil, stickers, pin wheel.  It was certainly a colourful box of treats!

Rainbow Favor boxs

Have you ever held a rainbow party for your child or is this a theme you are considering?  What is it you most love about rainbow parties, is it that they are great for all kids, or do you love the splash of colours?  Please share your thoughts with us below.

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Planning your own rainbow party?  Check out these party supplies to help set the scene…

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6 Responses to Vibrant And Entertaining Rainbow Party

  1. Julie Anglesey January 23, 2014 at 9:53 am #

    I love these rainbow party ideas – especially the rainbow cake! I might even make this for my grandson’s 5th birthday coming up soon.

  2. Gemma January 24, 2014 at 2:31 pm #

    Wow Catherine! What an awesome job at sharing my son’s 2nd birthday party. Thank you xx hopefully it will inspire people to be creative too

    • Catherine Holt January 24, 2014 at 4:52 pm #

      You did an absolutely wonderful job Gemma, thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  3. Asma March 31, 2015 at 1:43 pm #

    Catherine that party looks fun! I have a question, where did you buy those favor boxes from?

    • Catherine Holt March 31, 2015 at 5:01 pm #

      Hi Asma

      This wasn’t a party that I styled so I don’t know for sure where Gemma got the favor box’s from, but I have seen these in most craft stores and even places like Cheap as Chips and the Reject Shop. Otherwise I’m sure Amazon would have a great supply too 🙂

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