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Tips On Young Men’s Dress For Formal and Informal Christmas Parties

With Christmas parties now in full swing, it seemed only fitting to share this post from Sue.  If you know of some young men wanting to dress for the Christmas season, you may want to share this post with them!  Without further ado, I will pass you over to Sue…………

Christmas will soon be upon us and in a fashion sense, this means several parties and dinner dos that need appropriate seasonal attire. Both formal and informal Christmas parties require certain, distinctly seasonal touches and so finding the right thing to wear on each occasion can be rather difficult and tiresome. Here are a few tips on men’s dress for formal and informal Christmas parties to help those struggling to find the right look.

Christmas wear for young men

Checks For Informal Dos

Checkered clothing has been popular amongst men’s fashion pieces for some time now and though it took a slight dip in esteem over the winter – with checkered men’s jackets its only respite – it’s set to return to the forefront of Australia’s summer styles.

The difference with checkered clothing this summer that has enabled it to reemerge as a likely popular fashion choice is the sheer abundance of different checkered styles. Checks will be seen on everything from plaid, gingham and tartan.

Checkered shirt

If the Christmas party is informal, checks are the way forward, with checkered trousers and shorts being chic ideas.

Camel Waistcoats and Trousers For Formal Dos

When choosing colours to wear for a formal Christmas outfit, camel is a great option. The colour of the season, camel boasts a luxury look to it, with a timeless and classic air.

This summer, from Sydney to Melbourne, camel will be a colour that’s worn by the most chic men – and it looks particularly classy when on a formal outfit, due to its luxury essence.

Camel waistcoats and trousers are top choices.

Pleated Trousers For Both Formal and Informal Dos

Pleated trousers can be both formal and informal depending on their styles, as well as what they’re worn with.

Pleated trousers

The trick with pleated trousers is for them to be rather streamlined and more in touch with the classic slim-cut styles men most prefer.

When coalesced with modern and younger pieces, pleated trousers look new school and cool.

If you’re attending a formal Christmas summer do, it’s best you wear your pleated trousers with a modern-looking waistcoat. 

Emerald Green For Both Formal And Informal Dos

Emerald green is a colour that makes a strong statement whilst remaining sophisticated. It can look very chic on ties, as well as trousers, shirts and shorts. It is up there alongside camel with the colour of this Christmas summer season. However, whilst camel can only be worn best with formal clothing, emerald green is perfect for both formal and informal. 

Floral Prints For Informal Dos

Floral print shirt

Floral prints have long gone hand in hand with a hot Australian summer amongst women’s fashion, however they haven’t quite perpetrated menswear – not until very recently.

They are now the choice amongst many male fashionistas for Christmas clothing ideas that are bold and unique without seeming too extravagant.

Floral shirts are now a brilliant option for informal Christmas parties hosted on a beach.

The trick is to match floral printed tops with trousers or shorts that are simple and subtle, so as to not stand out too much.


Thank you Sue for updating us with this season’s trends for young men.  What do you think of the styles in season?

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