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Tinkerbell Party Theme Ideas

This Tinkerbell party submitted by Allison for her daughter’s 4th birthday party is absolutely magical. You wont find many little girls that wouldn’t be thrilled with this party theme.

I absolutely love the attention to detail that has gone into this party, even Tinkerbell’s fairy dust made an appearance!

Tinkerbell Party Theme Ideas

Allison said about the party planning: “My daughter loves everything about Tinkerbell, fairies and all things girly.  She didn’t want to have a ‘complete’ Tinkerbell theme so we decided to use the colours of Tinkerbell and create a pretty, soft, fairy like atmosphere.  She was absolutely delighted with the result and even my son commented that the colours looked “lovely together”.  It was wonderful to see the sparkle in my daughter’s eyes when she saw the finished look. “

Tinkerbell Party Decoration:

I absolutely love the colour palette that has been used for this party decoration.  The subtle tones of pink, green and white work wonderfully together and create the soft and fairy feeling.

Allison used a few simple pieces of decoration such as the wooden tree’s and fake grass.  These carefully chosen pieces helped to enhance the mystical feeling but also the pretty girly vibe that Allison’s daughter had requested.

The lolly table and party favor table were decorated beautifully with simple pink ribbons and tissue paper pom poms.

All the children were given their own bottle of ‘fairy dust’ which contained fine white sparkly glitter and were an absolute hit.

Tinkerbell Party Decoration

Tinkerbell fairy Dust

Party Food Ideas:

This Tinkerbell party was held in the afternoon, therefore it was not intended on being a lunch or dinner party.  In this instance easy party food is all that is required.  The birthday party food consisted of some fruit kebabs, honey joys, jelly, various lollies and sugar cookies.  Each of the children had their own drink bottle, attached with a party printable and their name.

The main feature being the birthday cake, was made by Allison and decorated with vienna cream and pink fondant butterflies.  Tinkerbell herself was carefully placed on top of the cake, and the smile on the birthday girl says a thousand words!

Tinkerbell Party Cake

Tinkerbell Party Food Ideas

Tinkerbell Party Food Ideas

Tinkerbell Party Favors:

All children love coming home from a party with some sort of party favor as it helps to leave a lasting excitement from the party.

Party favors don’t need to be expensive, it is amazing how children love the small things!  If you can tailor the party favors to the party theme this works even better.

The party favors consisted of gorgeous small white bags with a personalized thank you note from the birthday girl.  The items inside the bag included a fairy wand, butterfly note book, pen and eraser, Tinkerbell tattoo and Freddo frog.  The children all then picked lollies from the lolly bar to fill their bags.

These favors looked amazing as party decoration throughout the party and the children were delighted when they received their own little bag to take home.

Tinkerbell Party Favours

Kids Party Games:

One of the great things about kid’s parties are the activities and games you can have them involved with. There doesn’t need to be a whole line up of games, but having a couple ready will keep the children amused. Allison played pass the parcel and musical fairy statues, both of which are game favourites among most children.

If you have a little girl who loves things to be ‘girly’, she will most certainly love this party theme.

Do you think this is a theme you could be tempted with for your daughter or niece?

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  1. Lata Tokhi May 1, 2013 at 12:05 am #

    The ideas are beyond adorable, Catherine! You inspire me to keep doing better at my own parties which is why I love coming to your blog again and again 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

    • Catherine Holt May 1, 2013 at 8:59 am #

      Thanks for your lovely comment Lata. I’m so pleased you can gain inspiration from this site for your own parties, that is exactly what I have been wanting to achieve with Smart Party Planning. There are a lot more theme ideas on their way, so stay tuned 🙂

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