Tiffany Themed Party For A Baby Shower

For those of you looking for some baby shower ideas with some class and finesse, then a Tiffany Themed Party could be just what you are looking for.  This stunning theme party was brought to us by Khloe from KG Style Designs.

Khloe is an event designer and knows how to use a party checklist to create amazing parties.  She designed her own baby shower with a Tiffany theme and I’m sure you will agree that the result is absolutely stunning.

Tiffany Themed Party Baby Shower Ideas

Khloe said about the party planning: “I wanted to do a Sunday brunch that was relaxed and chic, and a Tiffany themed party was perfect.  I didn’t open any presents and had minimal games, but instead enjoyed the company of my guests.  My vision was to use Tiffany blue and damask prints and it turned out more beautiful than I had imagined”.

Party Decoration:

Party decoration is incredibly important for setting the overall vibe of any party.  Khloe did an amazing job at creating an air of sophistication with her awe inspiring design.

Damask prints were used as table runners with Tiffany blue colours present in the party favours, which were incorporated subtly into the decoration.  Each table also displayed white roses in clear vases which further enhanced the feeling of sophistication and style.

Tiffany Themed Party Baby Shower Decorations

Tiffany Themed Party Baby Shower Decorations

Tiffany Themed Party Baby Shower Decorations

Tiffany Themed Party Baby Shower Decorations

Party Food Ideas:

This party was held over brunch so the food was fairly simple consisting of small bites including ham and cheese croissants and sandwiches and macaroni salads.  Guests sipped on Moscato and Mimosas with pretty pink juice for the children.

The standout at this party was certainly the dessert table that featured a Tiffany inspired cake and cupcakes with cookies and chocolate truffles.  The Tiffany cake was made by a friend of Khloe and gifted to her for the shower, so it made it even more special.

Tiffany Themed Party Baby Shower Ideas

Tiffany Themed Party  Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Tiffany Themed Party Chocolates

Tiffany Themed Party Baby Shower Favours:

The party favours given to the guests were absolutely stunning.  Guests were given cookies and cupcakes in Tiffany blue bags.  The personal touch of Gadson & Co (Khloe’s family name) printed onto the bag was simple yet incredibly effective, and the simple white ribbon completed the stunning look.

Khloe said “The party favours were one of my favourite details of the party.  We used iconic Tiffany bags, but instead of Tiffany & Co we changed it to Gadson & Co which is my family name”.

Tiffany Themed Party Baby Shower Favours

Tiffany Themed Party Favour

Baby Shower Party Game Ideas:

Baby showers are one of those parties where people generally expect to play a few games and are happy to do so.

Khloe used a couple of games at her party which were “poop in the nappy” and “Guess the baby tune”.

“Poop in the nappy” typically consists of nappies with a different squashed chocolate bar in each. Guests have to guess the chocolate bars in each nappy.  It is not too often you see people quite happy to stick their nose in a dirty nappy!

For” guess the baby tune” consisted of playing songs that had the word “Baby” in it (like “Hit me baby one more time, Be My Little Baby..etc).  Guests had to guess the name of the song and the artist, and they won a gift card to either Amazon or Itunes.

Whilst it is not essential to hold baby shower games, it is a nice idea for guests to be able to interact with each other and have a little bit of fun at the same time!

Tiffany Themed Party

If you would like to see some more of Khloe’s design ideas, you can follow her on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on this Tiffany themed party?

Does this theme give the chic vibe that you would like to have at your next party?

Whilst this Tiffany themed party was held for a baby shower, the theme can be incorporated into almost any party where you are looking for sophistication and style.

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  1. Clair Trebes says

    This is amazing…..totally my idea of a great theme party ….. i think i might have to throw myself one 🙂

    I like this idea a lot because it’s not restricted to just a baby shower idea, this could be used by any woman (or man) for any celebrative occasion 🙂

    I like the contrast of the damask print with the signature blue and white!

    Fab post … now i need to work out when and for what reason i need a tiffany themed party!


    • says

      I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t throw yourself a “just because” party Clair…lol. This would be a great theme to have for a girls night in, then there are no reasons for a party needed other than to catch up with the girls! I’m sure the other girls would love it just as much as you would 🙂

      • Clair Trebes says

        hahaha a just because party is a good idea ….. i think i need to get all my friends together, tell my best friend she needs to bake A LOT and i’ll take tons of pics 😉 infact its a good idea for a summer sunday party, i’m gonna get arranging!

    • KG says

      Yes, it could, Clair. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a theme. It could just be a because “Brunch” or “Breakfast!”
      I love this movie and so I thought of her black and white picture with Audrey’s famous black dress and decided to put those colors together.

      • says

        You have started something here Khloe….all girls are going to want to have a “just because” party with this awesome theme!! Enjoy arranging your party Clair…I would love to see the finished result 🙂

  2. says

    I had heard of Tiffany parties before, but never realised that they were Baby Showers. Thought they were wedding related. You learn something every day. 🙂

    Those cakes look very tasty. Really like the blue theme.

    • says

      Your not wrong Matt, a Tiffany themed party could be held for any occasion….and a lot of people do have that theme for their wedding 🙂 It just happens that this one in particular was for a baby shower. I think every girl would like to have this theme party at least once in their lifetime….its so chic 🙂

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