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The Party Budget: Step 1 of the Party Planning Checklist

Planning a budget is probably the last thing that you think of doing when organising a party.

Failing to set a budget before you do anything can mean spending a lot more than you initially bargained for……..but after it is spent….it’s too late!

Planning a party should not be a stressful affair.  You should be able to enjoy the entire process.  The lead up to the party can be just as exciting as the actual event if you plan it properly.


One of the biggest mistakes people seem to make is not setting themselves a budget!

So, how do you begin to set your budget?

Look at the 8 step party planning checklist and work through each section.  When you have an idea of what you want your party to be, you can set aside funds to each section.

Still confused?

Lets look at a hypothetical party that you have $200 to spend on.  If you work through the party planning checklist section by section, your budget could look something like this:

PLOT (People, LOcation & Time): Your thinking about holding the party at your home….in your backyard.  You are intending on inviting 50 people and there is plenty of space outside for this.  You also have a patio heater so your guests will stay warm when the sun drops.

Cost: $0

The THEME: You were born in the sixties and this is a perfect theme for your birthday party.  You love dress up parties and the op shop near you has plenty of clothing from the sixties to choose from.

Cost: $30

The INVITATIONS: You are a regular Facebook user, along with all your friends, so you decide to create an ‘event’ to invite all your guests.  You can plan all the invitation details via Facebook.

Cost: $0

The DECORATIONS: You still have the majority of your party budget to play around with, so you can really go to town here.  Let loose and have a bit of fun.

You have decided on a hippie style…flower power all the way!

There are a lot of party websites to give you decorating ideas to either buy or provide you with the inspiration to make your own.  A lot of party sites provide free delivery for orders over $50 or so, which makes things even easier.

Completing your shopping online allows you to chop and change your purchases until you have things just right.  This will also ensure that you are spending within the budget you set for yourself.  Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

With some purchased decorations and a visit to your local $2 shop for some bead curtains, bright cushions and lots of flowers, your theme decorations are covered at a very reasonable cost.

Cost: $100

The ACTIVITIES: Dancing is your passion and this has to be a must at your party.  For a bit of fun, you decide to have a ‘dance off’ with cheesy sixties classics such as the twist.  You know that your friends will totally be up for this.

This activity will cost you absolutely nothing…except maybe your dignity!!

Cost: $0

FOOD AND DRINKS: You wont be supplying dinner as this is an evening affair.  A few nibbles of nuts, chips and chocolate will be totally sufficient.

On your invitation you specified that it is BYO for drinks, but you have decided to supply a few bottles of soft drinks and a carton of beer.

Cost: $70

MUSIC: This is an easy one to pick…it will be sixties music of course.

You have some CD’s in your collection of the rolling stones and the Beatles and your friends have also offered to loan you a few of theirs.

Put all your music onto your I-Pod so that you can play your playlist and keep this running all night.  This will save you from having to constantly keep running and changing the music.

Cost: $0

With a budget of $200, you have now planned your entire party.  If you plan in advance you can also spread these payments out over the course of 2-3months.

Dreamstime.comWhatever you have set for your budget, plan it out at the beginning and you will be surprised at what you can achieve with little cash.

Of course if you have more to spend, then you can really go to town!  Allocate your money appropriately and your party will be a hit.


> If anyone has ideas on how you have planned your parties to a budget, I would love to hear them.

> What have you done to keep the costs down?

What’s next on the party planning checklist?  You need to now consider step 2: The PLOT (People, LOcation & Time).


Thanks for reading.


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