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Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids: Easily Made

Kids love crafting, and today I have gathered some gorgeous Thanksgiving crafts for kids that can easily be made before or even during the celebration.  What’s even better is that each of these crafts can be used for the Thanksgiving table setting, and the kids will love seeing their creations used at the special celebration.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

6 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts That Will Look Awesome at The Thanksgiving Table Setting

Recently our contributor Val from Val Event Gal created this gorgeous Fall leaf garland for the blog.  It’s such an awesome craft that can be undertaken with the kids and would be the perfect decoration for the Thanksgiving celebration.

Fall leaf garland craft

These turkey fingerprint napkin rings by Crafts by Amanda are so incredibly cute.  Not only would they be a fun craft for the kids to undertake, but they would look amazing on a Thanksgiving place setting.  I love this kind of personal touch and what a talking point it would be for the guests.


This DIY corn banner by Raisin Whasians would work perfectly with the Fall leaf garland.  I think the two garlands together would make beautiful decoration to hang around the Thanksgiving table.  The only problem I could foresee is that to make the garland you use paint and bubble wrap.  It might be a task getting the kids to stop popping the bubble wrap long enough to actually make the garland…lol


All kids love dressing up, so this painted feather headdress by Our Knight Life would be the perfect addition for a Thanksgiving celebration.  I’m sure the kids would love to wear them at dinner and they could make a headdress for each of the guests too.  We wear Christmas party hats at Christmas dinner, so why not wear Thanksgiving hats for Thanksgiving dinner.


All celebration dinners need a table centrepiece and this turkey handprint craft by Real Momma would be perfect. Can you imagine the joy from the kids to see their craft as a focal point at Thanksgiving dinner?


I absolutely love these mini gratitude journals for kids by Me and My Inklings.  They would be great for the kids to make pre-Thanksgiving dinner and then during dinner they cold write all the things down that they are Thankful for. They would also be a fantastic gift to give each of your dinner guests.


If you need a little helping hand to get the Thanksgiving crafts happening in your house, why not take a peek at some of these pre-made kits….

Do you love crafting with the kids?  Are you planning on making any Thanksgiving crafts this year? 

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

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