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Easy Sweetcorn Muffins

Easy Sweetcorn Muffins Kids Will Actually Love To Eat

Looking for an easy sweetcorn muffins recipe that the kids will actually eat?  This is the recipe for you. The bite sized muffins are perfect for little hands and with the super easy recipe they can be made in minutes. Great as an on the go breakfast or perfect to pack in the school lunchbox.  […]

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White chocolate slice

How To Make An Easy White Christmas Slice For Kids

This is a white Christmas slice recipe that the kids are going to love.  It’s nut free so perfect for serving at kids Christmas parties too. By easily making the slice into cute Christmas tree pops, this is going to be a holiday treat favorite. I have illusions every year of undertaking Christmas baking that is […]

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How To Easily Make A Campfire Cake

How To Make A Campfire Cake The Easy Way

Campfire cake decorating doesn’t have to be hard.  Learn how to make an amazing cake the easy way with roaring flames, logs and boulders.  Perfect for the camping enthusiasts. I love everything about birthday’s.  Not just mine, but everyone else’s in the family.  In fact I probably enjoy them more than my own. I love […]

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Banana Puffs Recipe

The Best Banana Puffs Recipe That Kids Will Love

Inside: An easy banana puffs recipe. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and oh so delicious.  The kids are going to love you for this one. It happens reasonably regularly.  The cry “mommy can we PLEASE bake something”. There is one little voice in me that says “absolutely, this is perfect mother/daughter bonding […]

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Amazing Fruit Loaf Recipe

The Most Amazing Fruit Loaf Recipe

Inside: This simple and easy fruit loaf recipe will thrill your family. It’s light, fluffy, moist and oh so delicious. It’s a dream right out of the oven. I smelt it as soon as I walked into the front door. That, plus the excited giggles from my daughter.  It was a complete give away that she […]

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Date Muffins

The Best Date Muffins You Will Ever Taste

Part time working mums.  We kinda get the rough end of the deal sometimes. I mean, we are running around trying to squeeze in the 9-5 thing at the same time as doing kindy and school runs, not to mention trying to cook dinners for the family and fill the kids lunch box’s with tasty […]

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Cheese Puffs

Quick And Easy Cheese Puffs

As I pick my daughter up from kindergarten, pretty much the first thing she says as we walk back to the car is “I’m hungry”. It doesn’t matter how much food we have packed in the bag for the day, she always says the same thing.  I don’t think it’s really about hunger at all, […]

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10 Chocolate Delight recipes that are easy to make, taste delicious and will melt the heart of your loved one. A Valentine's day treat couldn't be easier.

10 Chocolate Delight Recipes for Valentine’s Day

10 homemade chocolate delight recipes that are easy to make, taste delicious and will melt the heart of your loved one. A Valentine’s day treat couldn’t be easier.Chocolate and Valentine’s day go hand in hand together, so I knew you would love this collection of amazing chocolate delight recipes. Each recipe is easy to make, […]

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This easy tomato soup recipe is made with few ingredients. In less than 30 minutes you can have comforting tomato soup. It's perfect for winter months.

Easy Tomato Soup Recipe

Today’s easy tomato soup recipe is courtesy of our contributor Ilona from Ilona’s Passion. Unfortunately this is the last recipe we will see from Ilona on the blog, but she will still be posting her delicious recipes at Ilona’s Passion, so make sure you head over to check what awesome recipes she has to share. […]

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Crackers with Sausage and Onion I Smart Party Planning

Sausage and Onion Topping For Crackers

Today’s easy sausage and onion recipe is perfect for adding to crackers.  This delicious recipe is brought to us by our contributor Ilona at Ilona’s Passion.  This is the perfect recipe for party entertaining and your friends are going to love it! Hi! This is Ilona form Ilona’s Passion and today I am bringing you […]

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10 Drool Worthy Brownie Recipes

10 Drool Worthy Brownie Recipes

Chocolate Brownies.  Seriously is there a dessert more more delicious?  I am a huge chocolate fan, so I loved putting together this collection of home made brownie recipes that were all linked up at our weekly Marvelous Monday link parties. Are you ready to take a look? Could we really ask for more than these Triple Layer […]

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Easy Zucchini Kale Pasta I Smart Party Planning

Easy Zucchini Kale Pasta

Today’s delicious kale pasta with zucchini and shredded cheddar cheese is courtesy of our contributor Ilona from Ilona’s Passion. After browsing recipes on the internet I stumble upon on “kale”. I have to admit I’ve never had a kale until recently. I’ve never bought before and never tried it. However, after reading all about kale how […]

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Are you a food lover? How about a muffin lover? This collection of simple muffin recipes will leave you drooling. Whether it be fruity, chocolaty or healthy, you will find a muffin recipe which you are going to love. Plus, you will be surprised because.....some of them are even healthy for you. Surely that is just the icing on the cake!

13 Amazing Easy Muffin Recipes

One of the things that I absolutely love about our Marvelous Monday link party are all the creative posts that are shared.  So I thought it was really about time that I start sharing them more!  As it’s winter here in Oz right now, I’m often diving for the comfort food.  It therefore seemed appropriate […]

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Easy Banana Bread Recipe

The Most Amazing Banana Bread Recipe

This simple and easy banana bread recipe will make your family think you have turned into a domestic goddess. It is light, fluffy, moist and oh so incredibly delicious. Just the smell coming from the oven is enough to drive you crazy for it. My head want’s chocolate, it always wants chocolate, it’s the biggest […]

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