Hi, and thank you for your interest in Smart Party Planning.

Smart Party Planning is currently looking for unique and stylish parties and weddings.  We also love to feature related DIY crafts, and amazing recipes.  Or perhaps you just have the perfect family recipe of snack treat for your child.

We would love to hear from YOU!!


We are looking for submissions with great photography and detailed descriptions.  Photo submissions must be at least 660 x 520 pixels and credit must be given for professional photography and/or vendors used.

High quality and in focus photos are essential, but a professional photographer does not have to be used.  If you have used a professional photographer, you will need to identify release from the photographer stating that you have permission to use the photos.


Smart Party Planning prefers exclusive submissions (excluding your personal blog, website or Facebook Page).  However if your party, wedding or recipe has been featured elsewhere, that’s ok but please let us know where.


To submit please follow the appropriate link below, providing a description of the event, recipe’s, vendors and/or photographers used.

To submit a party, please use the link here.

To submit your wedding, please use the link here.

To submit  a recipe or DIY party product, please use the link here.

Please give as much description as you can when you complete the submission.


Share the news with your friends by grabbing our “Featured Banner” and add it to your site.  Grab a button of choice below:

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Simply grab the code from the size banner of your choice and add to your page. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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