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St Patrick’s Day Theme Party Ideas

For the past week or so I have brought you theme party ideas for St Patrick’s Day, and today is the day when you can put all of that into action.  Whether you wish to celebrate with a group of friends or maybe just with your other half at home, you can certainly enjoy some St Patrick’s Day festivities.

Saint Patrick is the most commonly recognised Patron Saint of Ireland, and the Irish have celebrated St Patrick’s Day for the past 1,000 years.  Saint Patrick is said to have used the Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish and since that time the symbolism of the Shamrock has been very popular in celebration of this day. Saint Patrick passed away on 17th March and hence the date chosen for commemoration.  St Patrick’s Day was officially made a feast day in the early seventeenth century, and for Christians the day commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

Today, St Patrick’s Day is widely a celebration of Irish culture and “being Irish”, with parties held throughout the entire day.  Parties often commence at breakfast and people come and go throughout the course of the day.  Foods consisting of stews, breads, desserts and alcohol are all generally free flowing throughout the entire day with a huge emphasis on music and celebration.

So considering today is St Patrick’s Day, lets bring a little bit of Ireland into the home.  If you have missed out on my recent St Patrick’s Day theme party ideas, then these will all be covered again here for you.  The great thing is that even if you decide to hold a last minute party, these ideas can be quickly achieved and all are incredibly kind to your party budget.

Party Food Ideas:

Any party checklist will have an emphasis on food and drinks and that is completely covered here.  Whether you want to hold a dinner party or just have food to graze on, the Irish lamb stew and Irish soda bread will suit perfectly.  If you are thinking of holding a St Patrick’s Day dinner party, this post will be of particular interest to you.

Even a last minute dinner party can be held with these super easy recipes.  You can read more about the dinner party here.

The Irish lamb stew is quick and easy to make, and you can obtain the delicious recipe here.

The Irish soda bread is a fantastic accompaniment to the Irish lamb stew and can easily be made following the recipe here.  It is best eaten the day it is made and even better if eaten whilst still warm.

St Patrick’s Day is all about going green and your beer is no exception.  If you can handle meddling with your favourite brew then you might like to learn how to make green beer here.

Home Made Party Decorations:

Decorating for your party is easy with these free printables.  I have designed some increasingly popular subway art, and also some printable beer labels to give your party that extra edge.  All can be downloaded and printed from your home computer, so any last minute panic can be avoided.

The Subway art is perfect for dressing your food or dessert table, or would also look great sitting on a fireplace or book shelf.  A subtle decoration can make the world of difference.

If you like the 7×5″ Subway art, follow the link here to obtain the download.

These printable beer labels are fantastic home made party decorations that are subtle in their use, but leave a huge impression.  If you are looking for that final touch to your St Patrick’s Day decorations, then these will be perfect.  They are stylish yet fun and will be a sure talking point for your guests.  You can choose from six designs by reading the post here.

I am heading out with my family today to a local brewery where will be indulging in some Guinness pie, Baileys cupcakes and Irish music.  It will be a fun filled day, and I am sure there will be lots of people dressed up in funny Irish hats and scarfs.

What will you be doing to celebrate St Patrick’s day today?

Have I given you some ideas that you are going to put into action?  Please share your St Patrick’s Day stories, whether you are holding a party or whether you have held one in the past.  I would love to hear all the details.

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Thanks for reading

Catherine Holt (Smart Party Planning)

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