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Seriously Exciting News

You know when an opportunity presents itself and you just have to grab it with both hands and ride the journey?  Well this happened to my husband and I recently.


As Smart Party Planning has grown, I have been constantly looking for opportunities to expand and develop and as soon as this came along we knew it would be perfect.

After all, coffee and parties go hand in hand.  Next to chocolate, what does everyone want? Absolutely….it’s coffee!

Why am I excited about this coffee business?

What is the ONE thing that you generally serve at parties?  Coffee!

No matter what party you are attending, the vast majority of people who will come will want to have a tea or coffee at some point.  Whether it’s a dinner party, a kids party, or even those late night parties, people always end up searching for that awesome coffee to complete their evening.  We are seriously like animals in a pack, when one person gets started, there seems to be coffee free flowing.

Did you know that coffee statistics in America show that there are over 150 million drinkers of coffee on a daily basis and consume on average 3.1 cups each per day?

WOW, that is a lot of coffee!

So the chances are pretty high that people are going to be seeking out that coffee when they come to your events!

If you have put all the hard work and effort into preparing for your party, do you really want to let this down by the tea and coffee that you are serving?  I didn’t think so!

Coffee that you are going to LOVE!

You could go to the added expense of hiring a mobile coffee cart or Baristas but they are so incredibly expensive.  Really not great for those budget parties!

Take a look at the coffee cart websites and you will see that prices range from $350-$400 for 100 coffees.  Let’s not even get started on hiring Baristas as this could set you back between $50-$90 per hour.  Crazy talk right?!

Enter our coffee range!

Our coffee range includes 6 amazingly delicious and cost effective beverages:

  • Gourmet Black Coffee
  • Gourmet Latte
  • Gourmet Mocha
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Red Tea
  • Gourmet Hot Chocolate

For those of you that have parties at home, space is always an issue, so trying to fit in a coffee cart can be quite challenging.  This coffee is perfect as you can set up a little space and make it look awesome.

For my daughter’s recent mermaid party I set up a simple coffee station.  It was easy, fitted in with the theme and guests loved it.  Whilst the kids were running around with their party games, the parents were able to sit back and enjoy a nice cuppa.  Everyone was happy!

All the range comes in awesome individual packages, so no mess and no fuss….plus it looks really professional too!

Coffee DistributionBusiness

We can now take the headache out of all things coffee at your next function with our coffee range.

Of course I run an online business, so I had to make sure that my coffee was available online too. Not a problem there!  It is available in over 36 countries across 5 continents, can be ordered online in your own currency and delivered right to your door.  Sounds perfect doesn’t it!

To order is incredibly simply and you can do so from our beverages page.

Not holding a party?  Not a problem.  There is nothing to say you can’t just treat yourself at home is there!

And the even better news?  We will now be donating 100% of ALL retail profits (From January 2016) to Blue Dragon….an awesome charity who’s aim is to get kids out of danger, reunite them with their families wherever possible, and support their recovery and growth with long-term opportunities.  You can read more about how Smart Party Planning is contributing to this cause here.

So we won’t just be stopping there.  We also have opportunities to expand our coffee distribution business (for the right people).  I will be posting about this opportunity soon, but if you want to know how YOU can earn an extra income please contact me below and either myself or my husband Richard will be in contact with you so we can chat further.

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I hope you enjoy the coffee, any questions please ask!


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