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Pistachio Cheesecake For St Patrick’s Day

Do you love Cheesecake?  This Pistachio cheesecake by Cheeky Cheesecakes is perfect for St Patrick’s day.  It literally screams St Patrick with it’s colourful green.  I’m sure it would taste even more delicious with a Guinness or perhaps a Baileys….yum!!  St Patrick’s day is known for it’s fun and a green cheesecake is certainly fun!St Patrick's Day Pistachio Cheesecake When we think of St Patrick’s day we think of green right?.  Everything is green.  We wear green clothes, we eat green food and we even turn our beer green!

You could be asking whether it is possible to go overboard with the green on St Patrick’s?  Absolutely not, heck, why not turn everything green….lol  It’s only once a year that the green Leprechaun’s come to play after all!

Normally Annette’s cheesecakes don’t look quite so green, but with St Patrick’s day just around the corner it seemed only fitting to make this pistachio cheesecake.  The three colour green tone effect swirling through the cheesecake looks fantastic and would be perfect for a St Patrick’s day dinner party.  I love the individual size portion of these cheesecakes, which also make them perfect as a finger food dessert.

Pistachio Cheesecake

The baked Pistachio cheesecake is also mixed with almond flavour and is complete with a Pistachio topping.  It sound’s pretty delicious don’t you think?  I’m sure the Leprechauns would also be incredibly pleased with these!! Pistachio Cheesecake Are you intending on baking any green delights for St Patrick’s day?  We would love to hear what you have planned, please share with us below.

If you would like to see more of Annette’s delicious cheesecake range, pop over to her page at Cheeky Cheesecakes and share the leprechaun love!

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