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Pirate Themed 4th Birthday Party

For those of you looking for a party theme for a keen explorer, it will be hard to go past this pirate birthday party submitted by Judith.

Judith said about planning the party: “We decided to do a pirate party because Ryan had been interested in pirates so I thought it would be a great theme for him.  There are lots of ideas and information on the net to be inspired by, which helped with the planning.  I also wanted to make the pirate ship cake, so that sold the theme for me!”.

It is easy to understand why a pirate birthday party was chosen as it suited this little boy perfectly.  Pirate Party Decorations:

Decorating for a themed party can be a lot of fun.  The theme and the decorations are what brings the party to life, so let your imagination run wild!

For this party, the pirate party decorations consisted of bunches of red, black & white balloons, a few jolly rogers and of course a pirate flag!

The party favors were consistent with the theme and were brown paper bags covered with pirate wrapping paper.  They each contained pirate stickers, pencil & eraser, spinning top, party blower and a couple of balloons.  Each bag had the child’s name on them so they could keep together all the treasures that they collected during the party.

Pirate Party Games:

This party was action packed full of pirate party games and activities, which can easily be recreated for your next pirate birthday party.

Children love to dress up, and a great idea is to get the children to make their own outfits.  This not only ensures that everyone gets into the spirit of the theme, but it also provides a wonderful activity for the children to be involved with.

Pirate hats were made from a black heavy paper and the children decorated them with jolly rogers, feathers and sticky gems.

Pirate accessories consisted of swords made out of cardboard, foil and gold paint.  Pirate patches, hoop earrings, and tattoos, plus red & white striped sashes for the children to wear.

A cubby house in the garden was turned into a pirate ship for pirate party games of the fishing nature.  The fishing rod was a bamboo stick with a magnet on the end.  The fish were made from paper, stuffed with paper and a lolly.

One of the fish had the first clue in it to start a treasure hunt.  A treasure hunt was the perfect pirate party game for this theme.

The clues for this hunt were photos of different places within the home and an ‘X’ was placed on them.  Each clue led to a treasure and another clue.  The second to last treasure was a key, and the last clue lead to the locked treasure chest full of chocolate gold coins.

The treasures collected during the hunt were: pirate ring, telescope, scull & cross bones lollipop, necklace and jeweled ring.

The clues were rolled up and tied with a piece of ribbon to look like a scroll.

Finger Food Ideas:

Finger Food is perfect for a kids birthday.  The food for this party was simple to prepare and consisted of a fruit platter, vegetable sticks, star shaped fairy bread, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, jelly boats in orange peel, and tiny teddy pirate boats.

Of course it is the cake that generally impresses the party goers and this one was no exception.  With a cake made to look like a pirate ship, it was perfect for this pirate birthday party.

Do you fancy recreating a pirate theme for your next party?  It certainly provides for an action packed and exciting party!!

If you have enjoyed this pirate party, please consider sharing it with your friends.

Planning your own pirate party?  Check out these party supplies to help set the scene…

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2 Responses to Pirate Themed 4th Birthday Party

  1. Rhipplemedia December 14, 2012 at 3:15 am #

    Shiver me timbers mate lol. Im Captain Rhipple I like this pirate theme party cuz I really enjoyed Pirate of the Caribbean especially the way pirates talk. Weldone

    • cath December 16, 2012 at 8:51 am #

      Sometimes it would be nice to be a kid again to have a party like this wouldn’t it!!

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