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Peppa Pig Cupcakes

Do you remember our recent post about the Peppa Pig cake?  I don’t know whereabouts in the world you live, but here in Adelaide it is Peppa Pig Mania.  There are Peppa Pig shows coming to town and just about every child is a fan.  I therefore couldn’t resist showing you these gorgeous Peppa Pig cupcakes by Samantha at Practically Perfect Portions.  If Peppa Pig cupcakes wern’t cute enough for you….how about serving them in a jar!

Peppa Pig Cupcakes

The beauty of butter cake is that you can dye it any colour you wish, and this pink cake works perfectly for Peppa Pig.  Mixed of course with some delicious hot pink coloured butter icing and you have yourself a completely delicious and irresistible looking cupcake!


 Add on the cutest Peppa Pig head made from fondant and the cupcake is complete!

Peppa Pig Cupcakes

Having these Peppa Pig cupakes served in a jar makes them that little bit extra cheeky!  How often can you open a jar and have Peppa’s head staring right back at you!!  Talk about an irresistible cupcake!

Peppa Pig Cupcakes

One of the cutest things about these Peppa Pig Cupcakes are the tails added to the top of the jar’s.  Some super curly pipe cleaners are perfect for giving these cupcakes the finished touch.  Viola……your cupcakes are good to go!

Peppa Pig Cupcake Tails

Are you hungry for some Peppa Pig cupcakes?  If you would like to have these made for you, head on over to Practically Perfect Portions and speak to Samantha.  Any child that loves Peppa Pig would go absolutely nuts over these cupcakes!

If you are holding a Peppa Pig themed party, these would also make fantastic party favors….and allow the kids to take the Peppa Pig love home with them!

Is Peppa Pig a top favourite in your household?

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