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How To Easily Make DIY Patriotic Pillows

Sitting back in the sunshine for the 4th July holidays, needs just one thing.  Relaxing is the name of the game, and whilst you may have the perfect outdoor setting, the addition of pillows really makes all the difference. We are not however just talking pillows, we are talking about…..Patriotic pillows!

Melanie from Simple Made Pretty has shared an easy how to tutorial to enable you to whip up these in plenty of time for the holidays.  You don’t need to have any crafting experience.  Can you use a hole punch and a paint brush?  If yes, then this tutorial is for you!

For some easy 4th July decorations, Melanie even shares at the end of the post how you can make a simple backdrop.

DIY Patriotic Pillows

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These easy DIY stenciled patriotic pillows for July 4th are the perfect addition for your Independence Day celebration decor.  Whether you are celebrating indoors or outdoors, these pillows will add flare to create a festive 4th of July event.

Stenciling a pillow cover versus a pillow itself allows you to remove the cover and store for next year, then rotate your seasonal decor without taking up too much space in your home.

Stock up on pillow covers for your throw pillows and when inspiration strikes, you can stencil something new.

How To Make Patriotic Pillows


Star Pillow Instructions:

  1. Make a star stencil using your star punch and heavy card stock.
  2. Insert cardboard or chipboard into the pillow covers so paint doesn’t leak through to the other side.
  3. For the single star pillow, attach painters tape in the shape of a large star.
  4. Use your foam brush to dab (not brush) the paint onto the fabric.  Remove tape immediately and let dry.

4 steps to making Patriotic Pillows

Multi-Star Pillow Instructions:

  1. Attach the star stencil that you made in the upper left corner with painters tape.
  2. Paint the stars either red or blue.
  3. Repeat the star stencil until the entire pillow is covered.
  4. Remove tape Remove tape immediately and let dry.

Flag Pillow Instructions:

  1. Attach the star stencil that you made in the upper left corner with painters tape.
  2. Attach painters tape to the rest of the pillow to create stripes.
  3. Paint the stars blue and the stripes red.
  4. Remove tape immediately and let dry.

Easy Flag Patriotic Pillow

A few ways that we incorporated these pillows in our July 4th events were in a photo backdrop, on our living room sofa and outdoors on a bench.

To make a photo backdrop like the one pictured below:

Use the star punch from the above projects and punch red and blue card stock (about 8 pages each color) and tape or sew together to create a garland.  Hang the star garland from white curtains.

Use double sided tape to attach single stars to the curtains.  Hang some white string lights behind the curtains, add some fun patriotic photo props and/or seating with your stenciled pillows and you’re done!

Stenciled Patriotic Pillows

The string lights make this backdrop perfect for a night-time Independence Day celebration. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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