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Party Music: Step 8 of the Party Planning Checklist

So you have reached step 8 of the party planning checklist: The music.

Choosing the music for your party is another area that requires some thought and attention and should not be overlooked in your party planning checklist.

Too many people think the music will just somehow sort itself out, or they leave it to the last minute.  This is a big mistake!

What needs to be considered when choosing the music? 

In this post we will consider the following;

Choosing music to suit your party theme

Choosing the beat and rhythm of the music.

The music appropriate to the age of your guests.

Whether the music is going to play a major part in your party.

 Choosing music to suit your Party Theme:

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Choosing a party theme is crucial for the rest of your party planning.

If you have a theme, then you can easily choose music to fit into that theme.

One of the easiest theme’s to choose music for is a party set in a particular period of time such as the sixties, seventies or eighties.  If this is your theme then the music is obvious: make it music from that era!

Otherwise, think about your theme and choose suitable music for it.

Choosing the beat and the rhythm of the music:

The type of music you choose will set the mood and the ambiance of the party and should not be underestimated.

For instance, you would not put on music that you would normally listen to before going to bed, as this will likely bore your guests!  Likewise, unless you are having a rave party you would generally be unlikely to play Techno music.

Choose something that has enough tempo to give the right life to your party.

You will generally require some more laid back music for a dinner party and played at a volume that does not impede conversation.

For larger scale ‘drinking’ parties, you would require music with a stronger beat, something that will keep your guests on their feet all night.

Music appropriate to the age of your guests:

Choosing music that will suit the age of your guests seems quite obvious, but it is amazing how many people overlook this!

If you are holding a party for children, you do not want to play classical music…this will simply not work.  Likewise if your party is for an older crowd they are hardly going to be interested in Techno or Rap.

Be sensible about this, and this choice should be fairly straight forward.

Is the music going to play a major part of your party:

Confused?? For this, you basically need to decide whether the music is going to be played in the background or as a major source of entertainment.

Do you want the music to be a focus of the party or do you want it to be played solely in the background?

If you want your guests to enjoy, dance and sing along to the music, it needs to be a focus, and background music will just not cut it.

If however the major focus of your party is people having an in-depth conversation like at a dinner party, they are not going to want to shout over the top of your music.

The music will set the mood of your party and if handled correctly

will be an addition rather than a hindrance.

Here are some last minute tips for your party music:

Don’t even think about excluding music.  The music fills the background and is ESSENTIAL for ANY party!!

When your guests start arriving, the music should not be at its ‘peak’, give the party time to warm up and change the volume of the music accordingly.

Make a playlist of your music and have this played on shuffle or a loop.  This will ensure your music is played constantly and you don’t have to worry about keep re-starting playlists.  This will also avoid that awkward moment when the room suddenly goes silent right at the time when one of your guests vocalizes an embarrassing comment meant for a couple of people not the entire room!

If the music is going to be played loud and reasonably late at night – please have the courtesy to let your neighbors know!


If you have followed each step of my party planning checklist, then you should now be all ready to PARTY.

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy!

Thanks for reading


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