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Party Activities: Step 6 of the Party Planning Checklist

Step 6 of the party planning checklist is the step which probably has most of you baffled!

When you think of party activities, are children’s activities springing to mind?

Are you thinking ‘pass the parcel’ and ‘pin the tail on the donkey’?!

When I mention party activities, I don’t necessarily mean ‘games’, although you can certainly incorporate games if you wish!

Having activities at your party purely means having a focus; something that is going to ensure your guests interact and have something to talk about.

As I mentioned in the 8 steps of the party planning checklist explained, you don’t want your guests to be bored.  Sometimes we need to create a little something extra for our guests to concentrate on.  This is particularly important if many of your guests don’t know each other.

Still confused??

Lets look at some examples of themes you have chosen:

Cocktail Party:

A great way of getting your guests to interact at a cocktail party is to get them to make the cocktails themselves!

Give you guests some starting points with some cocktail recipes, but then let them see what they can create.

You will be amazed at what a focal point this simple idea will be.

Your guests will love to create and work their magic, and there is bound to be someone who thinks they are the next Tom Cruise!

Murder Mystery Party:

What could possibly be the activity at a murder mystery party???  Who is going to be killed, and who was the murderer!

How can this scene not get your guests talking!

Even if your guests do not know each other, they will be talking non-stop throughout the party!

This is a sure winner for a party activity.

 Casino Party:

Casino or Bond theme parties should be accompanied by some kind of casino activity.

Grab yourself some poker chips, deck of cards, roulette table and set the scene.

Your guests will flock to this area and will instantly provide a talking point.

Find a friend who is willing to act as the croupier, give them a casino outfit and hey presto – Vegas here we come!


Children at a non Children’s party?

It’s not a children’s party, but it is a daytime affair and friends are bringing their young children.

You have no idea how you are going to keep them entertained and the worry is going through your head that they are going to be running around all over the place.

Problem solved – provide them with a focus! Grab a ball-pit and all your problems will be solved.  This will keep them entertained for hours and even the adults too.

Again – here is your focal point and will bring your guests together.


It doesn’t matter what the theme of your party is, a good speech should not be underestimated.

If your party is for a special event (rather than just a get together for no-reason), a speech is often appreciated by your guests.

As the host you can thank your guests for coming, encourage them to be involved with any activities you have organised and ask them to continue to stay and enjoy the party, eat, drink and be merry!

If you have a cake that needs cutting, this is the perfect time to undertake a speech.

Does that help you think of some activities that could be held at your next party?

Always check out your party planning checklist, consider your theme and your budget and find an activity that is suitable for both.

Next stop on our party planning checklist is Food and Drinks.

Thanks for reading!


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