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New Years Eve Glamour Party

New Years Eve is know to be one of the biggest parties of the year.  With only a few days left to go…do you have plans?  I love seeing what people do to celebrate the event and I have to confess I am a huge fan of house parties.  When I saw this New Years glamour party submission by Dawn of Not Just A Mommy, I knew I had to feature it.  This party has an emphasis on glitz and glamour, and looks an incredibly amount of fun.  I love how Dawn has put this together adding her personal touch and her creative flair to make an absolutely sensational party affair.

New Years Eve Glamour Party

Dawn said about the party planning: “We brought in 2013 with a bang with great friends and me in crazy-crafting mode! It all started with the color scheme….it had to be colorful and glittery…wait for it, a Colorful And Glittery New Year’s Eve!  Once I received the tassel garland from The Flair Exchange, my party plans went into a different, even more awesome direction and the end result was wonderful”.

New Year Glamour Party Decoration:

One of the great things about New Years Eve is that no matter how young or old you are, people always get a buzz out of party poppers, streamers, confetti…you name it.  If it makes a noise or can be scattered then it will be a guaranteed hit. Dawn managed to pull together these traditional New Years Eve party decorations and incorporate them into a glitzy glamour party affair.  With some added tassels, sequins and tape, there is no mistaking that this glamour party was going to be something special.

Dawn said “I covered some of the party blowers and hats in scrap paper and garnished them all with black festooning.  The tiaras were covered with stickers, sequins and feathers to make them fabulous. For midnight, I arranged glassine bags with confetti and sealed with black stickers which worked a treat.”

New Years Eve Glamour Party Decoration

New Years Eve Party Hats

New Years Eve Glamour Party DecorationNew Years Eve Glamour Party Bells

New Years Eve Confetti

New Years Eve Tiaras

New Years Eve Dessert Table

New Years Eve Party Decoration

New Year Glamour Party Food:

If we hadn’t indulged enough over Christmas, we seem to like to continue to do this over New Years, so a New Years Eve party wouldn’t be complete without a table of party food!  Dawn has done a wonderful job of adding the glitz and glamour to this party without it being over the top.  The manzanita branch holding a countdown of cookies is a fantastic idea and really brings the dessert table to life.  The drinks table also looks super sensational and even the glasses have a countdown on them!

New Years Eve  Dessert TableNew Years Eve Cookies

New Years Eve Fortune Cookies

New Years Eve Dessert Table

New Years Eve Glamour Party Food

New Years Eve Glamour Party Drinks Table

New Years Eve Glamour Party Drinks Table

New Years Eve Favors

New Years Eve Glamour Party

New Years Eve Glamour Party

Is this the kind of glamour party that you would love to indulge in over New Year’s?  What plans do you have?  Are you attending a party or perhaps holding one?  I would love to hear the details, please drop me a comment below!

Vendors and Credits

Party Styling: Not Just a Mommy
Clock and number cookies – Amy’s Cakery
Black festooning on party hats/blowers, black stickers on confetti bags – Inkkit
Tassel garland over the celebration bar – The Flair Exchange

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