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Mini Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

Candy bar wrappers transform an ordinary looking bar into something rather special.  The beauty of these miniature bars is that they can be used in so many ways.

You could give them as treats or presents for the kids, gifts for friends or even use as Christmas party favors. The candy bar wrappers will give the bars that extra special touch and your friends and family will love them. They are available for you now in our Etsy store.

Mini Christmas candy bar wrappers

Choose between 6 Candy Bar Wrappers Designs:

The Furry Friends Cadbury bars come in a set of 5… I have designed 6 printables for you, just to make your decision of which to use even harder!  Besides, I like things to be in even numbers!!

These candy bar wrappers include a Santa, North Pole helpers, Rudolf, gingerbread men, snowmen and of course a Christmas tree.

Mini Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

Simply download the PDF file and print out as many times as you like.

These candy bar wrappers were designed specifically to fit the Furry friends Cadbury 75g bars but that doesn’t mean you have to limit their use to these bars!!

Each wrapper is sized 13cm wide and 11.5cm high so they will fit any mini candy bar of your choice.  They have been designed large enough to cover the entire bar so you can wrap them as a tiny parcel.

Cadbury Furry Friends chocolate bar wrappers

If the bar you choose is slightly wider than the wrapper this isn’t a problem.  Simply wrap the candy bar in aluminium foil first and then cover with the wrapper.  The shiny silver poking out the ends of the wrapper will still look great!

Of course you may choose to still wrap your Furry Friends bar in aluminium foil with the overlapping printable rather than wrapping the bar as a parcel.  If you wish to do this, simply cut the width smaller to fit. The main design will fit on the front of the bar and cutting a smaller width will not interfere with this detail.

Not sure what I mean?  It would look like this……

Mini Christmas candy bar wrappers

However you decide to wrap your bars, these Christmas candy bar wrappers will add the perfect finishing touch.

They are pretty cute don’t you think?  I think the kids will love them!

Mini Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

Mini Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Mini Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Mini Christmas candy bar wrappers

To obtain these files, simply follow the link here and print as many times as you like.

Which one is your favourite?  I am pretty fond of Rudolf…there is always something cheeky about him!

Enjoy these printables and I hope they bring a HUGE smile to the kids faces 🙂

If you like these candy bar wrappers, please SHARE and PIN them so that other’s can enjoy them too.

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