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Malteser Cake with FREE Birthday Cake Banner

Did you read yesterday’s post about our 1st birthday here at Smart Party Planning?  What did you think of the malteser cake?  I have to admit it tasted absolutely amazing, and my chocoholic tenancies were certainly catered for.

Malteser Cake Would you like to have a go at making this malteser cake for yourself?

Due to the chocolate overload in here, I opted for a vanilla cake, but really you could choose whatever flavour you like.  The decoration of the cake was the same as the Kit Kat cake I made recently.

Simply bake the cake of your choice and once cooled cover the cake completely with frosting.  You could choose a number of treats to go around the cake such as kit kats, Cadbury fingers or these yummy wafers, then simple pour maltesers on the top.  There you go….pretty simple hey!  If you are still a bit unsure, follow the tutorial I placed for making the Kit Kat cake.

The process is exactly the same other than for the sweet treats chosen to decorate it with!

Malteser Cake

When I opened the Etsy shop recently, I promised you all that free printables would still be available here at Smart Party Planning.  True to that promise; today I am giving away the gorgeous happy birthday cake banner.

This banner is super sweet and would look gorgeous on the top of any birthday cake or even to decorate across numerous cupcakes.  It really gives the finishing touch to this malteser cake, and unlike candles……it doesn’t run the risk of melting the chocolate!

Happy birthday banner Attaching this banner to your cake is incredibly simple and can be achieved in four EASY steps.

1. Find two kebab sticks, some ribbon, double sided sticky tape and of course you will need to print off the banner here

Happy birthday banner2. Cut your chosen ribbon into two pieces and tie each end to the kebab sticks.

Happy Birthday Banner Ribbon

3. Print off the banner and cut out.  Lay the flag pieces just under the ribbon and place a piece of double sided sticky tape onto the ribbon.

Once you are happy with the placement, you can place each flag piece onto the ribbon.

Happy birthday banner

4. Once you have attached each flag piece to the ribbon, simply stand the banner on your cake. This is such a simple idea, but looks really effective.

Malteser cake

Malteser cake

If you missed the link earlier, you can print this happy birthday banner here.

What do you think of this tiny banner?  Do you think it makes a nice cake topper?

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