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Lively Christmas Decorations For Any Party Occassion

Something a little different for  today, is an article submitted to us by Sue giving you some last minute ideas for your Christmas decoration.  I hope you enjoy!!

For the last minute shopper and home decorator we have many suggestions for you: whether you’re rushing around juggling the usual shopping list, kids’ activities, work, coordinating the numbers for the big Christmas day or simply feeling that it already is too much stress, hang on in there because help is on the way!

What is quite fun to do over the year, is have a special box or container where you start collecting small titbits that could be used at some point for these special occasions. It is surprising what can be picked for so little and add that special touch that makes the day and season so unique. If you really do have some time or enjoy multi-tasking, why not press some flowers and plant leaves while you are watching your watching a bit of TV.

Let’s take a look at the home decors: the front door could do with a festive wreath and what could be more simple that string or weaving a velvet ribbon (this could also be a recycled one that was used for a present at some point) around some branches with even a mistletoe or two that has been cut from the garden bush or in the park.

Festive Wreath

Attach them to the door with either some string or another complimentary ribbon in reserve.

As we approach the living areas from the kitchen to the living-room and dining-rooms plus the front rooms, why not bring out the old post-card or even some vintage bally posters. Within the rooms, sprinkle some festive cheer around (depending on the budget as well as the realistic time frame) with coloured paper on the shelves in strips, more ribbon if available, knick knacks like miniature animals associated with the season, some appropriate artefacts like a Santa and snowflakes (easily cut out of coloured paper or material if again available).


If there are mirrors in the hallway, why not give them a bit of a touch of the seasonal treatment with a wave of ribbon or some flutter of snow which can be bought or made with cotton balls plus adding a bit of glitter to them. Don’t forget the candles!

Candles are just the thing for the ambient effect and if you have a favourite cd with all the tunes for the season that will also add the magic touch to appeal to all the family and generations. If you have some time why do a bit of research and see what Christmas songs are found in other territories because that too makes it feel that we are truly including everyone on this special day.

Of course once people start arriving, they can’t help noticing all the special details that you have included from the cushions, the door handles (feel free to hang a few extra ribbons or colourful stars that can hang or if you have a spare tree decoration that looks very befitting!).


Then enjoy your handiwork!

Happy Christmas!


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