James Bond Theme Party

A James Bond Theme Party is the perfect solution for guys party. 007 knows how to party in style and this is incredibly easy to set up.007 Theme PartyThis James Bond Theme Party was held for my dad’s 60th birthday and is long overdue for featuring here.

It was held a couple of years ago, well before Smart Party Planning was in existence, so unfortunately there are not a huge amount of photos to share with you, but it was so much fun, I have to share it with you.

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My dad kept saying he wasn’t that bothered about whether he had a celebration or not, but seeing as I am a party fan, he didn’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter.

I spent some time considering lots of different party theme ideas, and then it hit me…..”The name’s Bond….James Bond“.  My dad would LOVE a James Bond theme party, and I was right.

James Bond Theme Party

 From the moment I mentioned the party theme to him, to actually holding the party, he had that school boy cheeky grin all over his face.  I knew I was onto a winner with this one.

We decided to turn his house into a casino and so the planning of the James Bond theme party began.

James Bond Party Invitations:

I have said it before, but invitations are so incredibly important for setting the scene.  If you want people to get excited and attend your party, you have to give them an incentive to do so.

We decided to purchase the invitations, and found these Bond theme invites which we could tailor to suit our needs. They were absolutely perfect.

James Bond Theme Party Invitation

James Bond Theme Party Invitation

James Bond Party Decorations:

Dad didn’t have a clue about anything that was being organised for the party.  He set me a party budget and let me get on with it.  This meant I was totally in my element and left to my own devices with the party decoration.

I purchased many of the decorations online which made everything very easy.  The decorations were delivered direct to my home and I was able to shop from home knowing I wasn’t going over my budget!

We decided upon a formal affair and asked everyone to dress in James Bond outfits or as their favorite villain.  I wanted the dominant colors to be black and white.

All the surfaces in the house were covered with black table cloths, and we covered the ceiling with black and silvery white helium balloons.  The ceiling looked amazing and everyone commented at just how stunning it was.

I purchased extra large helium balloons of all the four card suits: heart, diamond, spade and clubs.  I used these as a backdrop which was seen immediately as you entered the room.

The walls were lined with various Posters from James Bond films and finished off with casino backdrops.

As a gift for my dad’s birthday I gave him a photo book with photos included from his birth to present day.  It was also filled with messages from close friends and family, many of whom are overseas.  I gave the book to him immediately before the party started and it was displayed for everyone to view.

James Bond Theme Party Decoration

James Bond Theme Party Decoration

James Bond Theme Party Decoration

Party Food Ideas:

I’m a party organiser but not a baker, so thankfully mum did an outstanding job of the catering.  She kept it simple with finger foods consisting of sausage rolls, mini quiche, cheese pie, salads and various cakes and cookies.

This helped to keep the budget down and then splashed out on having a chocolate mud 60th birthday cake made.  All the food was served on black plates and the entire serving area was sprinkled with casino scatters.

All drinks were served in martini glasses (regardless of what the drink consisted of).  Martini’s were of course served too.

60th Birthday Cake

James Bond Theme Party Activities:

This party was definitely not short of activities.  As guests arrived they were all given a cup filled with casino chips to be used throughout the party.

Everyone was told that there was a prize at the end of the party for the person with the most chips.  This created a friendly level of competition and everyone really got into the swing of things.

Two casino tables were set up of blackjack and roulette, which kept everyone entertained for hours.

I asked two friends to be croupiers for the afternoon, and asked them to dress in black and white.  I provided them both with a croupier vest and vizier and my friends did an absolutely amazing job.

Everyone was crowded around the tables for the entire party, desperate to get as many casino chips as possible to win that prize!

We gave two prizes, a bottle of champagne to the winner and a miniature bottle of vodka to the person with the least (or zero) chips!

Finally, this is me with my dad.  He had an absolute ball and I know that this was the perfect party theme for him.

James Bond Theme Party

Does a James Bond Theme Party sound like your kind of party?

James Bond Theme Party

If you would love some casino style printable beer labels for your next James Bond or casino party, check out our printable labels.

Casino Beer Labels

Is James Bond style your kind of theme party?


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    • says

      Thanks Suz 🙂 The other great thing about this party is that is is so easy to coordinate and didn’t need lots of fancy decorating. And my dad had a grin from ear to ear, which made it all worth it!!

  1. Kristy says

    Love these ideas for a James Bond birthday. Can you please tell me where you got those invitations? I can’t find them anywhere online.

  2. Lauryn Francisco says

    Love it! Great party! Where did you find those invitations? I’m having a hard time locating some good ones. Thanks!

  3. Chris says

    really like this theme Catherine, im not one normally for themes but the pictures look great and it seems like it could be a great hit. definitely looking into hosting one of these. i’ve got a poker set, just need the roulette and blackjack. might be had to persuade someone to deal but maybe people can take turns until a loser comes out and that could be the punishment for being greedy.

    • says

      Thanks Chris! It’s definitely an awesome theme to work with, and so much fun too. Ha ha…sounds like a great plan taking it in turns to deal. Everyone will have so much fun that I’m sure they would be happy too 🙂

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