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How To Plan A Halloween Party That Will Save You Tons Of Time

If you would love to know how to plan a Halloween party that is going to save you a ton of time searching the internet, then you have come to the right place. 

All the ideas you need for the perfect Halloween party are right here.  Kids will love all these decorations, food and games ideas and they will think you are a party guru.

If you would love to know how to plan a Halloween party that is going to save you a ton of time searching the internet, then you have come to the right place. All the ideas you need for the perfect Halloween party are right here. Kids will love all these decorations, food and games ideas and they will think you are a party guru.

How To Plan A Halloween Party With Ease

Halloween is fast approaching and the kids are getting excited about their Halloween party.

There is only one small problem.  You have a million and one things to do and planning a party is not on that list.

As a mom we are always running from one thing to the next and it often feels like we go to bed with a bigger list of “to do’s” than what we woke up with.

Does it sound like a familiar story for you?

Don’t despair though because you can give the kids that special party they would like and you are not going to have to spend hours upon hours searching the shops for appropriate Halloween decorations or food.

I have put together everything you need for that perfect party and it can all be done quick smart. You don’t need to worry about your family budget either, as these ideas will all be super cheap.

Are you ready to get started?

Easy Halloween Party Decorations

The first thing you need to do is to set the party scene.

If you had the time you could go all out and plan a zombie party or something similar, but I’m guessing you are sitting here now reading this because you don’t have the hours to dedicate to the party preparation.

That’s ok, because this table setting is super easy and cheap to recreate.  With a few simple items you have an awesome looking tablescape that the kids are going to go nuts over.


Think SIMPLE with a few key items. Tons of decoration is not required, you simply need a few well chosen pieces to set the scene.

Now that you have the setting organised, you can finish off that Halloween vibe with some quick and easy printables.

The printables can be downloaded from the comfort of your couch whilst watching your favorite tv show.

Yes…..there is still time for evening relaxing when you are planning a party.

Halloween party printables

It’s funny how a plain water bottle can suddenly be so exciting to a child simply because it has a water bottle label on it.

But who are we to argue.  Kids love simplicity.  It’s easy to give it to them!

Halloween Snacks For Kids

Ok, let’s talk food.  You really can’t forget the food at a party.

Would you like some quick cupcakes that also look amazing?  Of course you would!

From preparation to baking to icing, these awesome zombie brain cupcakes take only 36 minutes!

You can rock them out the kitchen before your show even finishes and they would be an absolute hit with the kids.


For some other gorgeous sweet treats, whip up a batch of these candy filled Jack O Lanterns.  They are a no baking treat which is always a bonus for quick and easy party planning.


Before the party why not get the kids to help out making them.  Kids love to get creative in the kitchen and it will save you a ton of time too.

Just remind them that they have to save some for eating until the actual party!

For some other easy food, check out these zombie themed food ideas.  They are perfect for Halloween and they will certainly cause a topic of conversation among the little guests.

All the recipes are really easy to make so pick a couple for a bit of variety, but there is no need to go overboard on catering.

Kids Halloween Party Games

Kids love to play games, especially at parties. It’s a great idea to keep kids occupied so that the don’t end up running around everywhere and causing chaos.  

Even the quietest of kids start running round when they don’t have anything to keep them entertained.

But that’s not a problem, because it’s easy to keep the kids busy with some simple games.  This list of 30 Halloween kids games are incredibly easy to organize and you certainly wont find any of the kids getting bored.

You will find that the time literally flies by!

Kids also LOVE crafts, so if you had the room to set up  craft table, this would be a great idea to keep them entertained.  

Your not a crafty person?  

That’s not a problem, because there are plenty of Halloween craft ideas available for you here.

Kids making their own favor bags means it’s one less thing you have to prepare and it keeps the kids occupied at the party.  It’s a bit of a win win situation really isn’t it!

Alternatively, why not have the kids craft one of their own trick or treat bags.  Again, they will be super keen to do this as they will be using right away.  Plus it takes a lot of stress away from you having to work out how to entertain the kids.

Trick or treat bags

If you do have a little time to make a Halloween costume, choose of the these.

They are all super easy to make and you may be surprised that you already have all the materials you need to make one in your home right now!Kids Halloween Costumes

Otherwise if you would prefer to quickly purchase something, you will love this little selection.

In a nutshell that’s pretty much all you need to do.

Know you know how to plan a Halloween party with everything at your fingertips.

Yes you could start going ahead and decorating all the house with fancy Halloween decorations, but we are after a quick and easy solution that the kids will love.  This is it!

So tonight you can cross off the research of your to do list, because let’s face it, that always eats up a HUGE chunk of time.

Pick what you are going to do, write that list and get started on it right away.

The kids are going to think you have been planning this one for ages.  We don’t need to tell them otherwise!  You are now officially the Halloween party coordinator.

Enjoy your stress free party prep.



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