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How To Pipe A Classic Cupcake Swirl

The classic cupcake swirl is seen on so many cupcakes, and turns an ordinary looking cupcake into something rather special.

The great news is that this is incredibly easy to do, even if you are a complete beginner!  Don’t believe me? You will after you have read this simple step by step tutorial!

How to pipe a classic cupcake swirl

All you will need is some buttercream frosting, a piping bag and a piping tip that looks like this one…….

Piping Tip

If you are not sure how to make buttercream, you can use this buttercream recipe.

Now all you need to do is grab your cupcake and begin your cupcake swirl!


The classic cupcake swirl:

Professional cake decorators will complete this swirl in one complete movement.  We are not professionals, so to make the cupcake swirl easier, simply split the task into three steps.

The end result will be pretty much be the same, and as you become more confident you will naturally move towards completing this in one step.  In the meantime….no one will even know!

So….start your cupcake swirl on the outer edge of the cupcake, and continue until you have completed a whole ring of the cake.

Cupcake swirl

 Then pipe a slightly smaller ring on the inner circle, which touches your first ring.

Cupcake swirl

 Finally you can complete the look with a third swirl on the top, and remember to squeeze to get that classic ‘dollop’ in the middle!  We are all about the technical terms here arn’t we!!

Cupcake swirl

 Your cupcake swirl is now complete and you can decorate as you please.

Would you agree it’s simple?

Cupcake decorating step 4

At your next party you can now serve up your beautifully decorated cupcakes and your friends will think you have turned professional!

What other types of buttercream cupcake decorating do you like?  Do you have a favourite swirl?

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