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How To Obtain Creative Invitations

Every successful celebration starts with great invitations.  Whether you’re sending out invites for a wedding, birthday, or housewarming party, you’ll need creative invitations that set the tone for your celebration’s theme.  You guests will judge what to wear, bring, and how to act based on your invitations and the cues it provides.

Creative Invitations

Your invites will give your guests a taste of what’s yet to come and hopefully get them in the mood to party.  Notify your friends and family of your special occasion in style with creative invitations, wording, and custom envelopes.  Use these tips and advice to get started.

Custom Creative Invitations:

The days of purchasing invitations from drugstores are over.  Today it’s all about creating custom creative invitations online.  You can create totally unique invitation designs from scratch.  Add personal photos and custom wording to invites altered precisely to your tastes.  Your guests will appreciate the personalization and it will make your event more inviting.  Some of my favorite invitations I have ever received included little trivia about the bride and groom in a wedding invitation and a “Favorite Things” list for a child’s birthday party.  Take advantage of what today’s technology has to offer and make creative invitations that suit your theme and event perfectly.

Creative Invitations First Birthday

Custom Envelopes:

Introducing your event begins at your guest’s mailbox.  Take your invitations a step further with creative custom envelopes.  You can create a whole matching invitation and stationery set.  A matching envelope, invitations, and stamp set will really introduce your guests to your party theme.  It will also give your invitations a very suave and polished appearance, perfect for any special occasions. Guests love to see cute wording or a photo on the envelope.  It will really set your invitation out from the rest and make everyone want to attend.


Adding photos is a great way to add meaning to your creative invitations.  Choose photos that will hint at your celebration theme. For a beach party invitation, a simple photo of a sand dollar will surely get your beach theme across.  When selecting photos, also think of color.  For a formal party, black and white photos will help set a serious tone.  Colorful, bright photos are great for birthday parties and upbeat celebrations.

Creative Invitations Pirate theme

Invite Wording:

Perfect wording will make your invitations pop.  If you’re planning a formal occasion, by all means go with traditional wording.  If you’re looking for something new there are plenty of ways to get creative with your invitation wording.

Try searching for clever sayings and words that tie your wording and celebration theme together.  Adding a favorite poem or quote to your invitations is another way to jazz them up and tie them into your party theme.

Creative Invitations Casino Theme

Creative Invitations Luau Theme

Surprise Creative Invitations

Little Man Creative Invitations

Whatever wording you choose to go with, remember that simplicity is key.  On top of producing outstandingly creative invitations, you’ll also want to find clever, clear, and easy to understand invite wording.  For example, it may be cute to say on your son’s military themed birthday invitations that the party starts at 14:00 hours.  But, if your main audience is not in the military, it would be nice to include the phrase “that’s 2pm for you civilians” after that.  Also, make sure to include all details your guests will need to find the party. After you have that down, add a bit of creative flair to make your invitations unique and interesting.

Hope these tips help you put together a one of a kind invitation.  The tiniest details will work wonders on your invitations.

Don’t go overboard, use just enough to get your celebration theme across.

Good luck!

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