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How To Make A Princess Cake The Easy Way

Learn how to make an easy Princess cake that the girls will love.  There is nothing quite like a homemade birthday cake, and this one is incredibly simple to make.

With a splash of pink, and easy decoration, this will be your daughter’s favorite birthday cake ever.How to make an easy Princess CakeEvery little girl has to have a princess cake at least once in their lifetime. This is the kind of cake that will make you a hero. Your daughter is going to simply be amazed.

You may be thinking  that you simply don’t have the skills to make anything as fancy as a princess cake.

I’m here to tell you that YOU can totally do this if you want to.

Despite these cakes looking like they can only be made by the pro’s, they are actually easier than you think.

I made my first ever Princess cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday.  Trust me when I say, if I can make it, you totally can too.

Easy Princess Cake

Supplies You Will Need For Your Princess Cake


The first thing I recommend you do is to purchase a packet cake mix.  Before you start doubting yourself with this….there is NO shame in doing this. More often than not, the professionals will use a packet mix, so why shouldn’t you!

A mud cake mix will hold it’s shape perfectly, so this is what I suggest you use for the cake.  You can pick up the bag from your local cake supplies store.

You will also need a Dolly Varden cake pan, which you can either buy or hire from your local cake suppliers.

The last essential item is a dolly pick to place on top of the cake.

If you really want to, you could purchase a cheaper doll and take off one of the legs, but you would have to be extra careful to ensure that the plastic of the doll does not touch the cake.

You would need to wrap the bottom of the doll in cling film to ensure that no nasty’s from the doll plastic go into your  cake.

A much safer option (and for only a few dollars more), it makes much more sense to purchase the dolly pick.

Decorating the princess cake can be undertaken with fondant or butter cream.  This tutorial will be using buttercream,  but if you wish to try your skills with fondant you might like to check out this tutorial.

9 Steps To Making The Most Amazing Princess Cake

Step 1: Bake your cake according to the instructions on the packet.  Leave to cool and then place in the freezer over night.

If you need to bake the cake ahead of time, it will be fine to leave in the freezer for a few days.  Freezing the cake will make it easier for you to decorate.

Allow approximately 2-3 hours for the cake to thaw before you start decorating it.

Step 2: Slice the cake into 3 pieces.  You could slice into 2, but I think this makes the cake still a bit too thick, and besides, it’s nice to have an extra layer of ganache to enjoy.

Cut cake into 3 slices

Step 3: Spread a thick layer of ganache between the cake layers and place the pieces back together.

Spread ganache in between the layers

Step 4: Once complete, cover the entire cake with buttercream.

Tip: Spread a thin layer of butter cream over the entire cake and then place into the fridge to harden.  This is the crumb layer.  You will be able to see cake crumbs in the cream, but this will all be covered with the second layer.

Once the cream feels hard on the cake, place the second layer of butter cream on top, and smooth down as best as you can.

This layer of cream should sit on the cake easily, with the hardened cream underneath.

Cover the cake with butter icing

Step 5: The doll pick can either be covered with buttercream or with a little bit of fondant.  I used fondant because I had some left over after making some princess crown cupcakes.

I literally placed the fondant over the doll and smoothed into shape.  Use a small amount of Tylose powder to ensure the fondant hardens.

Cover doll with fondant bodice

Step 6: Place your dolly pick into the top of the cake. Press down firmly until she sits nicely on the top of the cake.

Sit the doll in the top of the cake

Step 7: Decorate the area when the dolly meets the cake, to cover up any gaps. This also helps to create some nice detail in the dress.

I used some sugar flowers which added some pretty detail but also filled the gap between the doll and the cake perfectly.

It is a good idea to draw the detail on the dress before you start to decorate. This can be done using a cake decorating implement, but if you don’t have one, a blunt knife will suffice.

Draw lines of pattern on the dress

Step 8: Place the dress decoration over the sections that you have previously marked out.

I used little sugar beads and mixed up the pink and silver to make them stand out.

Add bead decoration to the front of the dress

Step 7: For some extra shine, I placed some pink sugar crystals on the front of the dress.

Gently use your finger to make it stick. Don’t worry about all the extra crystals that fall as you can easily clean those up afterwards.

Add sugar crystals to the front of the dress

Princess dress decoration

Step 8: With the front completed it is time to decorate the back.

Once again I used some sugar pearls to create a detail of the dress, with a little bow at the back.

Back of dress detail

Top of Princess dress decoration

Step 9: Finish off by putting a little tira in the hair and your Princess cake is complete.

Pink Princess Cake

The Birthday Cake You Won’t Want To Cut

The only problem I find when I make a cake that I am really proud of, is that I don’t want to cut it. It seems a shame after all that hard work doesn’t it!

But cut it we did, and it looked pretty awesome on the inside too.

If your child likes more flavors than just chocolate, you could make the ganache layers look so pretty, but my daughter is obsessed with chocolate, so brown, brown and brown it had to be!

Back of cake

You can really have a lot of fun with the decorating of this Princess cake and change up the colors as you wish.

This was the first time I had made this cake and I think it turned out pretty well.  This is also me with zero cake decorating skills, so if you even have the slightest skill, yours is going to look even better than this!

But what you can be sure of is that this is definitely a cake that you can make and your daughter is going to absolutely love it.

Give it a try, you might even surprise yourself!

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