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How To Easily Make Kids Halloween Costumes They Will Love

10 super easy kids Halloween costumes to make at home. For those last minute costume ideas, these tutorials have you fully covered. Cute, scary and elegant.  There is something for everyone with this DIY selection.10 super easy kids Halloween costumes to make at home. For those last minute costume ideas, these tutorials have you fully covered. Cute, scary and elegant. There is something for everyone with this DIY selection.Are the kids starting to pester you about the costume they are going to wear on Halloween?

You may have a hundred and one other very important things going on right now, but kids don’t care about that do they. If they don’t have that costume to wear on Halloween their whole world will come crumbling down.

Does it sound like a familiar cry?

If your short on time (and energy) you might want to be looking to purchase a costume, but if you feel like being a teeny bit creative this year, then you can still pull something out of the bag that will totally make your kids face light up.

Regardless of your crafting level, you can make your own Halloween costume at home by following one of these super easy tutorials.

10 Awesome DIY Costumes For Halloween

If your feeling a little daunted about making your own Halloween costume, then you should try this Frankenstein shirt by Crafts by Amanda.  It has a super easy tutorial to follow, and there is no sewing required!

It’s sure to be a hit.


This Adorable scarecrow costume by Where The Smiles Have Been has to be one of the sweetest Halloween costumes you are going to find.  What’s even better is that it is so incredibly easy to make.


I think you have to agree that this Mega Bloks costume by Raising Whasians is so stinkin cute!  I can just imagine the kids bumping down the road in their Mega Bloks!


Who want’s to be a cookie monster?  This tutorial by Life is Sweeter By Design is simply adorable.  It’s also cheap to make too which is an added bonus.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without using some candy corn, so why not make a costume out of it! This easy DIY candy corn spray painted shirt by Club Chica Circle is really easy to make and it looks great.


For a zombie transformation that anyone can make, check out this zombie baseball player tutorial by Sweet Shoppe Mom.

The walking dead fans will love it.


For the best pirate in town, a Jack Sparrow costume is just what you need.  To find out how to make a budget friendly costume, check out the idea by The Country Chic Cottage.


Do you have a young girl who wants to look elegant on Halloween?  This easy Greek goddess costume by Uncommon Designs Online will fit the bill nicely.


For the cutest little hedgehog in town, use this tutorial by Andrea’s notebook.  Grab a cream hoodie and follow this awesome tutorial.


Ok, I hear you.  You can’t sew and your not sure of your crafting skills, but you still want to give a DIY costume a go.

This glow in the dark Halloween costume by Creative Green Living is just what you are looking for. Seriously, anyone could make this.


The next time you hear the painful cry that a Halloween costume is so desperately required, you can now ask them to choose their preference.

In fact, why not get them to help you make their own costume.  They will enjoy the process and love the costume even more.Kids Halloween Costumes

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