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Hawaiian Theme Party

A Hawaiian theme party is one of the most popular party themes, and it is easy to see why.  Whether you are holding the party and enjoying the summer sun or holding it indoors to brighten up the winter months, it will surely be a party that your guests will love.

This fun Hawaiian theme party was submitted by Margaret for her 60th birthday party.  It was also a murder mystery party and I love how this was all put together. It shows perfectly how anyone can use a party checklist, and as a result produce a party with the wow factor.

Margaret said about the party planning: “I decided upon a Hawaiian theme party for my 60th birthday because I liked the idea of something tropical, fun and laid back.  I love pretty bright colours and I could really go to town with luau party decorations.  I decided to make all the food myself to keep the costs down and enable me to spend more money on the decorations.  I decided to do something completely different and hold a murder mystery party.  I had never done one of these before, so it made the preparation very exciting.  My friends do not really know each other and I wanted them to be able to interact well at the party.  The murder mystery party worked perfectly and my guests were entertained for the entire evening.  There wasn’t a dull moment and everyone had a fantastic time”.

Theme Party Ideas:

Parties that follow a theme are those that have the wow factor.  Not only was this party a Hawaiian theme party, but it was also a murder mystery party.

Margaret said: “I ordered the murder mystery party pack online and it came with everything I needed to organise the party with ease.  Using the guide and the party checklist, the theme preparation was easy.  All I had to do was print everything off, assign each guest a character and prepare all the documentation to give to guests before and during the party.  It was all orgnised for me in the pack, so I didn’t have to think about what to do.  I would definitely choose to do a murder mystery party again due to the success and the ease of the organisation”.

Party Invitations:

Party invitations don’t have to cost a lot of money, and if you are undertaking a murder mystery party, they are often included within the kit.  Be sure to check this before you make any purchases.

Margaret said “The murder mystery party kit came with an invitation and also a newsletter to send to each guest.  The newsletter gave everyone an idea of what the party was about and helped everyone get into character before the party even started.  The invitations were incredibly easy for me to print and also helped with my party budget”.

Luau Party Decorations:

Good party themes are those that easily capture the imagination and grip your guests interest.  A Hawaiian theme party easily changes the mood of a room into something fun and exotic.

Party decoration is incredibly important to create the right vibe and this job couldn’t be easier if you are using Luau party decorations.

Decorations for this party were sourced from online, nearby shops like cheap as chips and also shells from the beach!  The ‘Party People’ and ‘Party Products’ are a great source for specific Luau party decorations, and ‘Pink Frosting’ is great for sourcing decorations specific for birthdays and general party ware.

Margaret said “I had such a great time finding different decorations and it was amazing to see my room transform into a tropical paradise.  With a selection of prints on the walls, balloons and traditional luau party decorations such as grass skirts, leis and flowers, my home had an instant tropical feel”.

Party Food Ideas:

The party food was all made by the host Margaret to enable the party budget to be kept to a minimum.  The party food consisted of mini quiches, sausage rolls and cheese pies.  Cheese and pineapple and sausages on sticks and a selection of mini pastries.  Signature cocktails were also given to guests as they arrived, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic for the drivers.

Margaret said “I mainly organised finger food that was easy to set up and easy to prepare in advance, which mean’t I didn’t have to stress on the day of the party.  I love cupcakes, so my daughter made cupcakes for a birthday cake instead of a traditional cake.  These were decorated following my party theme and looked great as a centrepiece on the table”.

Party Favours:

It’s always a nice idea to have party favours for your guests to take home, but they certainly don’t have to be elaborate.  For this murder mystery party, favours were simply chocolate bars (because who doesn’t love them!) and awards for guests achieving certain things.  Awards were given for a number of things such as those who guessed the murder, the best dressed, the drama queen, and the most influential in the game.  All guests voted on who they thought should win a prize. This is a different take on party favours, but such a fun idea!

Have you ever held a Hawaiian party?  Did it bring a holiday vibe to the party?

What do you think of holding a murder mystery party?  Do you think this would cause a bit of fun for your guests?

Please leave your thoughts and comments below, I love to hear what you think.

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Thanks for reading

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2 Responses to Hawaiian Theme Party

  1. Margaret - Barossa Valley April 10, 2013 at 10:16 am #

    Thank you Catherine for showing my party on your page. The party was a great success and I hope others will be inspired to hold a Murder Mystery party of their own. I always enjoy reading your page and wonder what ideas are coming next. Thanks.

    • Catherine Holt April 10, 2013 at 12:40 pm #

      Your very welcome Margaret, thankyou for the party submission 🙂 The party looks like a whole lot of fun and I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will now love the idea of a murder mystery. And to have the party set on a Hawaiian island…you cant go wrong with that!

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