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Happy Christmas

Christmas is finally here!!! I absolutely love this time of year.  I grew up having Christmas in the cold in England and now I spend it in the warm in Australia.  I love it both ways.

For me, I absolutely love Christmas eve.  In some ways I prefer it to Christmas day.  It’s almost as if you can physically feel the anticipation and the excitement in the air.  Do you know what I mean?

If you really take the time to slow down and do nothing (if that’s possible), take the time to breath, you can really feel something is different. There is something truly magical about it.

I love to sit on Christmas eve in total silence.  I look at the Christmas tree lights and soak up that magic that is floating around.  Yes Christmas morning is fun and there are the presents and amazing food, but that magic feeling has changed.  It’s there for literally a few precious hours. Clearly it must be when Santa is doing his rounds and he is leaving magic dust in the air behind him!Happy Christmas

My daughter has been an excitable bunny for weeks now, and this is going to make this year even more special.  She is in love with Santa…I mean totally in love.  Any given opportunity to wave, chat, sit on his knee and she is on it.  I’m not quite sure how she is going to cope after Christmas when her favourite friend has gone.

The excitement buzzing around this house on Christmas eve night is going to be immense!  I’m sure I will absolutely be spending a few minutes just standing at her bedroom door watching her peacefully sleep.  If only you could bottle those moments!

So from Australia to wherever you are in the world, I would like to wish you all an incredibly happy Christmas. I hope that it is a truly magical one for you and you are able to spend this time with those that you love.

Take a breath over this Christmas break and let that silence sink in, if only for a minute!

Have a wonderful Christmas


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