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Halloween Printable Baby Shower Games

These Halloween printable baby shower games were submitted by Sarit of My Practical Baby Guide. They are completely FREE for you to download and use at your next baby shower!

If you are having a baby shower in October why not combine it with Halloween…it would certainly be different to other shower’s you have been to and there is a stack of fun to be had with this theme.  Sarit has designed three wonderful games for you to enjoy including bingo, candy bar name game and word search.

Halloween Printable Baby Shower Games

Sarit said about the printable baby shower games: “I wanted to create something for a bit of fun to use at baby showers.  Games are always a huge success and with Halloween just around the corner, it seemed like a good opportunity to combine the two themes.  These simple games are fun to be played, and with the Halloween twist, it makes them perfect for a Halloween themed baby shower. They are available for free for everyone to use and enjoy”.

Let’s take a peek at these three printable baby shower games.  First up there is the baby shower bingo.

Ask your guests to fill in the squares with different gifts that they think the parents may receive. As the mummy to be opens her gift, the guests mark off their squares.  The first person to complete a row win is the winner!

Halloween Printable Baby Shower Games

Click here to download the baby shower bingo and click here for the instructions.

This candy bar name game is a lot of fun.  Guests simply have to match the clue to the candy bar.  It sounds simple enough, but how well do you and your guests know your candy?

Halloween Printable Baby Shower Games

Click here to download the candy bar name game

A word search is always a great game for guests to get their teeth into.  It is advisable to set a time limit, which will also raise some friendly competition!  The first person to find all the words is the winner.

Halloween Printable Baby Shower Games

Click here to download the baby shower word search

If you plan on playing games at your baby shower, it is a nice idea to have some prizes for the winners. They don’t have to be huge gifts, just a token prize will work perfectly.

What are your thoughts on these Halloween printable baby shower games?  Do you think your guests would enjoy them?

Just follow the link of the game/s you would like to play, print and enjoy at your baby shower.

If you would like to see some more of Sarit’s baby shower ideas, you can follow her here.

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