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Girls Night In

The month of October in Australia signifies the Girls Night In.

Cancer Council’s Australia uses Girls Night In as a way of raising money and awareness for breast and  gynaecological cancer.

With 17,500 women diagnosed each year, all the money raised helps prevention programs, support services and research.

Girls Night In

So what is a girls night in?

It is exactly what is says and nothing more.

It is a night exclusively for females, a chance to catch up with the girls have some fun and raise money for an all important cause.

To hold your party, you need to register and confirm a date and all money raised helps in the fight of women’s cancer.

There are many variations on how this could be held.  Use your party planning checklist and your girls night in is sure to be a huge success.

Some theme ideas include:

Dinner Party:

Hold a dinner party with a few of your girlfriends and organise everyone to bring a serving of something so that you have a full 3 course meal with drinks.  Then, ask the girls to donate the money that would have been spent on going ‘out’ for a meal and give that to Cancer Council Australia.

Movie Night:

Why not have all your girlfriends over for a night at your home for the movies.  Hire some DVD’s from the local store, grab some drinks and nibbles and enjoy a night of girlie movies.  Ask the girls to donate a minimum of the cost of a movie ticket…plus whatever else they feel willing.

A Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Night:

Ask some girlfriends to bring some wine, cheese and chocolate to share and spend an evening chatting and enjoying each other’s company.  Each of you donate what you would normally have spent on a night out.

Clothing Swap:

Hold an event where you ask your girlfriends to bring all their friends and relatives.  Condition of entry is to bring at least one item of clothing.  Hold a clothing swap and ask the girls to donate what they would have spent on that item of clothing in the store.  Everyone’s a winner!

Pamper Night:

Do you know any girls that are good with hair and makeup?  Why not have an evening of pampering and the money you would have spent at a salon can be donated.

Organise a Huge Party:

If you are feeling adventurous or you belong to a club or business you may wish to hold a larger affair.  Ask girls to invite other girls and before you know it you will have 100+ people.  If you are going to do this, you will need to have  activities.  A quizz night is always a winner and encourages people to interact.  This style of party will take a lot of organising; but put in the hard work and you will have an awesome night.

Ask all the girls to wear something pink – the colours of Girls Night In.  If they don’t wear pink….they have to wear a fine!

Have you held a party for Girls Night In, or planning on doing so?

Please share your stories, I would love to hear them.

For more information on Cancer Council’s Girls Night In and information on how to donate and hold your party, please click ‘here’.

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  1. Neel Joshi October 23, 2012 at 7:41 am #

    These seem like fun! Any inexpensive recipes to go along with them to save money and donate more?

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