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Super Cute Free Easter Lunch Box Notes For The Kids

Free Printable Easter lunch box notes: Download an adorable set of 4 lunch box notes that the kids will love for Easter.

It’s a fun and easy craft idea that will provide the children with a wonderful surprise when they open their lunch box at school. 

A special note from home always brighten the day and it couldn’t be easier with these free printable’s.  Super cute free Easter lunch box notesThe recent St Patrick’s day lunch box notes were such a huge hit, that I had to make some Easter lunch box notes too.

Little Miss 5 loved receiving her St Patrick’s note. She was absolutely delighted to tell me what she had found when I picked her up from school.

The plan for Easter is to place one of these designs in her lunch box every day of the week leading up to Easter.  I know she is going to love it!

Set of 4 Easter lunch box notes

It’s Easy To Brighten Your Child’s Day At School

Kids spend a lot of time at school.  It’s part of their day that we have no interaction with. We drop them off and pick them up, yet half the time we have no clue what’s actually going on.

Every day when we walk home from school I always ask what happened.  I normally have the reply of “Urmm….I can’t remember”, or “nothing really”.  You really have to dig DEEP to find out anything that went on.

Then there are those days that my daughter can’t wait to tell me what happened.

These are normally the days when she received a sticker for doing the best work, or her friend shared a candy with her, or the teacher commented on her ability to clear up so quickly.

Easter lunch box notes

The things that stick in her mind are the little token of expressions, that might seem simple, but really make her day.

These are the days that she walks home with the biggest smile on her face.

Have an extra special day lunch box note

So when our little cherub’s head off to school, it’s nice to think that they will have a little moment to brighten their day and one that they will be busting to tell you about when you pick them up.

Lunch box notes are the perfect solution for this.

Happy Easter lunch box note

Not only do lunch box notes provide a little “hello” from home, but they are something to treasure, and keep looking back on throughout the day.

You make me happy lunch box notes

The Easy Way To Provide A Healthy Easter Treat

If you are going to put an Easter treat into your kids lunch box, an Easter note is far healthier than a chocolate egg!

With 4 designs to choose from, you can use one or all of them, but one thing is for sure that they will do that trick of providing a magical moment.

Some bunny loves you lunch box note

What You Will Need To Print Your Easter Lunch Box Notes

You really won’t need a lot to print your lunch box notes, and if you don’t have a printer at home, simply take the PDF to your local office works to print for you.

Otherwise all you will need is:

Each lunch box note is sized 15 x 10cm, so large enough not to be missed, but the perfect size to place in the insulated lunch bag.

So all you need to do is simply print, cut out the individual notes and then decide which one you are going to use.

However, if you used a different note four days in a row, you really would be the best mom ever!

Cut out the Easter lunch box note

For an easy treat, the lunch box notes are definitely a great option.  Not only will the kids love it, but it won’t cost you much. You also know you are not filling their little tummies with sugary treats during the day.

They are a complete win win.

Easter lunch box notes are definitely a great option for creating a special moment for the kids, without resorting to traditional Easter chocolate!

Are you ready to grab yours now?Easter lunch box notes

Make Your Own Easter Lunch Box Notes

Perhaps you would like to make your own lunch box notes, or you would like to give more than 4? If you would like to give it a go, then I totally recommend PicMonkey for easily making your own printable’s.

Picmonkey is easy to use, great for beginners and has some easy to follow tutorials. There is a free version which you can try out, but for a small fee you can access the premium version which unlocks lots of extra effects.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

More Free Easter Printable’s You Will Love

Easter water bottle labels – Another great way to spread the Easter cheer is to decorate your child’s water bottle.

Easter water bottle labels

Easter Cards – It couldn’t be easier to send Easter cards to friends and family this year. Choose from 4 free printable cards.

Easter Cards

Easter Bunny Letter – Do your kids believe in the Easter bunny? Print off a letter from the Easter bunny to leave with them on Easter morning. This will create a bigger smile than the chocolate eggs!

Easter bunny letter

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