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Easy Easter Teacher Gift Kids Will Actually Want To Give

For an easy Easter teacher gift you can’t go far wrong from using a printable Hershey bar wrapper. It’s a fun gift for kids to give their teachers, yet it is also friendly on the family budget. 

Simply print, wrap the Hershey bar and your done.  This is a gift that both the kids and the teachers are going to love.Easy Easter Teachers Gift Free PrintableIf you have been to this site before, you will know how much I love designing new printable’s.  The more I do, the more that I want to do.

Now that my daughter has started school I have a whole new set of printable’s to think about: The Easter teacher gift.

Easter Hershey Bar Wrappers

The Easiest Gift To Give Is A Printable Gift

I just know it’s going to happen.  It might be a different type of printable each time, but my daughter’s teachers are always going to receive one printable or another.


They are easy to organize, they are inexpensive and despite being the easiest gift to think of, they are also really personal.

Besides, the more printable’s I design for my daughter’s teachers, the more I have to pass on to you too.

cut out the Hershey label

I love the idea of installing the gift of giving in my children, but I am not a fan of spending a huge amount of money on presents.

And you know what? You really don’t need to!

My daughter was sooooo excited about choosing an Easter card AND a printable Hershey bar wrapper for her teacher.

She didn’t care at all that it didn’t cost big bucks.  She was excited to pick out a special Easter teacher gift and these printable’s accomplished that task perfectly.

Easter teacher hershey bar wrappers

What You Will Need For Your Easter Teacher Gift

Each printable is sized to fit a standard size Hershey bar 1.55oz (43g).

Set of 4 teacher Hershey Bar Wrappers

It is not absolutely necessary, but I like to cover the Hershey bar with aluminium foil to give the bar a finished look.

If you want to skip this step, the wrappers will still fit over the bars and you will see the end of the Hershey wrapper sticking out the sides.

Simply wrap the Hershey bar with the aluminium foil and fix in place with a piece of double sided sticky tape.

Center the wrapper onto the Hershey bar before folding the sides over and fixing at the back with a piece of double sided tape.

Some bunny is happy to have a teacher like you printable

The result is a simple but effective Easter gift.

Surely this is the best gift for a teacher from a student.  Plus when it is presented with a HUGE grin, the teacher is going to be delighted.

You're an eggcellent teacher printable

There are 4 designs to choose from so there will be something to catch your child’s eye.

My daughter jumped straight at the “For a special teacher” with the chicken and the flowers.  She didn’t even think twice about it.

For a special teacher printable

Now you can take the stress and the worry of this year’s Easter teacher gift away.

Simply by purchasing a Hershey bar, you can organize the perfect Easter gift in no time at all.

For a special teacher Happy Easter printable

This is just how gift giving should be.  Easy, stress free but most of all personal.

Love them?  Head on over to the free printable library and download your copy now.Easy Easter Teacher's Gift

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