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Easter Printables For Chocolate Bars

It’s now only a couple of days until Easter Sunday.  Are you planning on giving any Easter eggs this year?

Maybe you are someone who loves chocolate, but doesn’t like to pay the extra price just because it has been put into a fancy Easter box?

When I was a child, my parents often gave my brother and I a couple of bars of chocolate rather than an Easter egg, because they said we would get more chocolate for a cheaper price!  I’m sure that my parents are not the only people to think this way.

If this sounds familiar, then I have a great idea here for you.

Rather than giving just an ordinary chocolate bar, why not turn it into an extraordinary Easter bar with these Easter printables.

Easter Printables as Chocolate wrappers

These printables are also perfect for kids who don’t have a lot of money to spend.  Using these Easter printables they can give Easter gifts to their siblings or friends without spending all their money!

Choose the favourite chocolate bar, take off the original wrapper and then wrap with one of these specially designed Easter printables.

Secure with some double sided sticky tape and your chocolate bar will look just as spectacular as any Easter chocolate bought from the shops.  Obtain these printables by clicking the link here.

Easter Printables as Chocolate wrappers

Can you think of someone who would be happy to receive one of these super cute chocolate bars this Easter?

Easter Printables as Chocolate wrappers

Easter Printables as Chocolate wrappers

Easter Printables as Chocolate wrappers

As chocolate bars are all different shapes and sizes, it is difficult to design the printables to fit all the bars.  These particular Easter printables are sized 17cm wide and 26cm in length.

If your chosen chocolate bar is larger than this, then simply cover the bar with aluminium foil and then wrap the printable around it. The foil will look great under the printable.  If your chosen bar is smaller, simply use the printable to form wrapping paper around the bar.  Either way, it will still look fantastic!

There are four designs and they are available in three colours: blue, pink and green.  Each colour set contains one of each design.

To obtain these printables, simply click the link here.

Do you think this is a great way to jazz up an otherwise ordinary chocolate bar this Easter?

Looking for some other ideas to provide a cheaper yet personal Easter gift?

You may like to read Egg Carton Easter Printables and Easter Printables from the Easter Bunny.  These are some great ways to give a wonderful Easter gift at a fraction of the price you would normally spend.

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