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Dora Star Tutorial

This super cute Dora star was one of the decorations used at my daughter’s second birthday party. She is a huge fan of Dora The Explorer so it was quite obvious what the theme of her party was going to be.

Rather than have lots of “Dora” everywhere, I decided to pick out the Dora star and use this as a theme running through the party decor.

Dora Star Tutorial

I made several Dora stars and scattered them around the party food and gift tables.  They looked fantastic and really helped to set the scene.  The great thing is that they were super easy to make and can easily be recreated for your next party!

To make the adorable star, all you need is the following:

 Paper mache stars

 A pack of googley eyes

 Paint (choice of colours is up to your preference)


Dora Star Tutorial

The Dora Explorer stars come in various colours, but the colours I had chosen for the party were yellow, purple and orange.

I didn’t want the party decoration to be overwhelming so I decided to keep all the stars in just the colour yellow.  You can choose whatever colour is suitable for your party.

Dora Star Tutorial

Once dry, simply add the eyes and the smiley mouths.  To make it even easier for you, I have included a download of the smiley mouths here.  They are sized 2 cm high x 3.5cm wide.  Simply print them off, cut out and glue to your Dora star.

Finish off with a ribbon of your choice and your Dora star is complete.  How cheeky does it look?!

Dora Star

I knew I had the look just right when my daughter saw them and immediately shouted “DORA”!!  A little bit of creativity goes a long long way!

What do you think of the Dora star?  Would they be the perfect addition to your Dora party?

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