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Quick & Easy Way To Make A Tissue Paper Lei

With the summer months comes extra entertaining and the perfect time to get creative with some colorful party decorations.

Your thinking to yourself that you love the look of these crafts, but your no Martha Stewart.  That’s ok, because you don’t need to be!

This tutorial for an easy tissue paper lei can be completed by anyone….honestly!

Are you able to grab some tissue paper, ribbon and scissors?  

It’s all you need to make this simple decoration and in no time at all, you can be marveling at your new creation.

Val from Val Event’s Gal will walk you this tutorial step by step, leaving you feeling totally in control of your crafting.This tutorial shows a quick and easy way to make a tissue paper lei. It’s perfect for summer parties, especially Hawaiian or pool party themes, and a craft that the kids can be involved in. It’s bright, colourful and will be perfect for your summer entertaining.

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Sometimes when you can’t have the Hawaiian beach vacation you have to make the beach come to you.

When I was a kid my parents loved to throw luau style parties in the summer. It was always a blast!

Lots of luau food, music, swimming and fun. We also all got to wear hula skirts and leis. That was my favorite part and attempting to hula dance.

If you are having a Hawaiian or summer bash, making leis are an easy party do it yourself. This diy tissue paper lei is easy to make and guests will love it!

You can also pick any colors or color combination. I love this pink and orange together.

Lately I have loved making things with tissue paper because there are so many simple party decorations you can make with it.

What You Need To Make The Tissue Paper Lei:

Cut the tissue paper into pieces about 3 inches wide and 2 inches long.  Twist the middle inch together as shown below.

3 inch strips of tissue paper

Roll tissue paper

Tie one piece of tissue paper around the rope or ribbon. Tie a second piece in the same color around or on top of the first one.

Tie tissue paper around ribbon

Repeat with the second color next to the first.

Tie on second color of tissue paper

You can use just one color but I like the alternating colors.

Slightly spread out tissue paper

Leave them slightly spread out about an inch in between colors. I used between 10 and 12 tied pieces for each lei.

Fold tissue paper pieces down

Fold down the pieces of tissue paper so they are all facing down and on the same side.

You can also glue on a few small fake flowers to the ends for an added decoration.

Colorful DIY tissue paper lei

Pink and orange tissue paper lei

Simple diy hawaiian leis

This is really such a simple way to make festive leis for a Hawaiian or summer party.

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