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Create A Colorful Fall Leaf Garland

Today’s fun Fall leaf garland is courtesy of Val from Val Event Gal.  If you love decorating for Fall or Thanksgiving on a budget, then you are going to love this easy to recreate craft.Colorful Fall Leaf Garland

I love this time of year. Isn’t fall the best?! I live in Arizona and where I am from we don’t really have fall. There are no changing leaves mostly just cacti and palm trees. I still love this time of year because it is finally starting to get cooler out. We have the hot season and the nice season.

Since we don’t actually have falling leaves I have to get a little creative. I got these fake fall leaves from the dollar store and they are perfect for decorating. I made them into a colorful fall leaf garland!

I had to brighten them up a bit with purple, my favorite color. You can keep them in the traditional fall colors if you prefer and that makes it really easy to make!

You can make two garlands from each package of leaves and the total cost of materials was $2.

I just love the dollar store, you can find so many materials to make into pretty things! This was super easy to make and my daughter even helped out with adding the leaves.

Create An Easy Fall Leaf Garland

What you need to make it:

Supplies to make leaf garland

Punch hole in leaf

String leaves onto the twine

If desired paint the leaves in bright colors. I put two colors side by side in a cup. Dipped the paint brush into a bit of both color and made a swirl paint pattern on the leaves. Then let them dry completely. They also look great without the paint.

Punch a hole in the top of each leaf, I did two at a time. If you want them to lay flat punch a hole in the top and bottom, string both onto the twine.

I put 25 on a string and spread them out slightly. Each pack of leaves had 50 leaves and one package makes two garlands.

Colorful fall leaves strung on twine to make a garland

Fall leaf garland with bright painted leaves

Colorful Fall Leaf Garland

You can make a bunch and hang them all around. They would also be perfect for a backdrop and lining a dessert table.

I just love how simple it is to make and so festive for fall! I will also be using them to decorate for Thanksgiving.

Do you love decorating for Fall or Thanksgiving?

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  1. Cheryl @The Long Way to Go November 1, 2015 at 12:47 am #

    What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing. I’m visiting you today from TGI Saturday.

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