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Cool Construction Birthday Party Ideas

A construction birthday party is becoming a popular theme for young boys.  It is easy to see why with the dump trucks, warning signs, tools and ‘dirt’ everywhere.

Who would have thought that food could have been used so creatively to look like dirt!  A huge amount of fun can be had with this theme and it is one that the young ones are going to love.

I’m sure you are going to love this collection of construction birthday party ideas, so sit back, relax and check out each post in turn for the full awesome party details.

Construction Birthday Party

5 Cool Construction Birthday Party Ideas

Let’s start the week off with this party by Vixen Made.  I love everything about this party, from the tires used to make the party table, the selection of food and the amazing cake.  Speaking of food as ‘dirt’, check out the pudding cups!

Construction Birthday Party Table

This party by Chicago Now is absolutely awesome.  All the kids were given a construction vest and hat which is simply adorable.  If you are looking for some construction birthday party games, then this is one post that you have to check out!

Construction Birthday Party Decoration

The first thing that caught my attention with this party by Short & Sweets was the cake.  Pretty awesome right?!  But aside from the cake, I loved the food table, the decorations and the games.  My favourite game has to be the brick wall punch out as I’m sure the kids would have had an absolute blast!

Construction Birthday Party Cake

The next party by Dana’s Pink Ribbon just looks like a whole heap of fun.  The kids are super cute in their construction hats and the selection of food is really creative.  Check out the ‘dirt and worms’….I did mention there was a lot of dirt in these parties!

Construction hats

Last up for the week is this construction birthday party by Pocketful Of Motherhood.  Trucks were incorporated everywhere here and there is no mistaking that this party is a little boy’s delight.  The food display is fun, and I love the simple decorations.

Construction Birthday Party Food

Do you know of any young boys that would love this party theme?  Does it tick all the box’s?  Please share your thoughts with us below.

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