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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Everyone’s sure to go green with envy when they see your great decorations! 

Every year, as March comes rolling around, everyone begins to gear up for one of the greatest Irish holidays, St. Patrick’s Day.  Cities are decked out with green tarps, people dress in green shirts, trousers and top hats, emblazoned with shamrocks and Guinness is free flowing.

St Patricks Day

If you’re throwing your own St. Patrick’s Day celebration, then you’ve probably got a lot of competition. The holiday is celebrated in most countries across the world, and festivities can get particularly larger than life in Ireland, Europe, and North America. You’ll probably want to be in on the festivities and do what you always do, which is colour everything green for the weekend, and we can’t really blame you!

Going Green

Of course, everyone knows that green is the most prominent colour of St.Patrick Day celebrations, but going green doesn’t just mean draping everything in green cloth.  Take things a step further by whipping up some great organic food for the party.

St. Patrick’s Day parties might be known for binging on junk food and drinking Irish beer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try and sneak some healthy stuff into your own party.  You don’t even have to transform your menu completely.  You can still serve up a great, big, green St. Patrick’s Day cake, just be more conscientious of the ingredients going into it.  Take some inspiration from the book of U.K. retailer M&S, who’ve made their cakes a bit healthier by banning artificial colouring and using only free-range eggs.

With all that in mind, here are some alternatives for artificial food colouring that can still add a bright green tint to your cakes and devilled eggs.


Spirulina, a compound made from blue-green algae that is often taken as a dietary supplement. It comes in tablet and powder form, so it can be used to add a green tint to your food.


Although research has shown that Popeye lied to us and spinach isn’t that rich in iron, it still packs quite a punch! Mixing a bit of spinach juice into your frostings and dressings will colour them bright green!




Green tea powder is also a healthy alternative.  Tea is known for it’s many wonderful health benefits, but it can also be used to colour food.  bright green matcha powder is usually used to make tea for ceremonies, but just adding a small amount of the powder to any white food like potatoes, whipped cream or milkshake, will make it worthy of a St Patrick’s Day celebration.


Remember: just because St.Patrick’s Day is all about the green stuff, it doesn’t mean you need to serve up food loaded with artificial green colouring.  Opt for healthier alternatives and make your St. Patrick’s Day a celebration to remember!

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