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10 Easy healthy recipes which are perfect for kick starting your New Year. Delicious yet healthy, they are the perfect meals for your family.

10 Easy Healthy Recipes To Start The New Year

After all the indulgence over Christmas, I expect that you are now looking for some easy healthy recipes to start the New Year with.  Many of us start the year with our healthy resolutions, but it can be hard to keep the momentum going after the first couple of weeks. I hope this post helps […]

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This easy tomato soup recipe is made with few ingredients. In less than 30 minutes you can have comforting tomato soup. It's perfect for winter months.

Easy Tomato Soup Recipe

Today’s easy tomato soup recipe is courtesy of our contributor Ilona from Ilona’s Passion. Unfortunately this is the last recipe we will see from Ilona on the blog, but she will still be posting her delicious recipes at Ilona’s Passion, so make sure you head over to check what awesome recipes she has to share. […]

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Easy Feta Apple Salad

Easy Feta Apple Salad

Today’s delicious easy feta apple salad is brought to us by our Contributor Ilona from Ilona’s Passion.  Enjoy! Fall is almost here and for this season I made feta apple salad with home made lemony dressing. Recipes with pumpkin, pears, apples and sweet potatoes are everywhere at this time of the year. I have already […]

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8 refreshing Summer Salads

8 Refreshing & Fruity Summer Salads

I love summer salads.  Salad’s are anything but boring, the amount of different combinations to make are endless.  I love it when they are fruit in nature, the fruit seems to give it that extra kick, or that extra feeling of refreshing summer that just simply sends those happy vibes. This summer salads round up […]

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Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe

Irresistible Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe

Today’s cucumber tomato salad recipe is courtesy of our contributor Ilona from Ilona’s Passion. Easiest as possible and the BEST Cucumber Tomato Salad with a dollop of sour cream. I hope you will enjoy this tomato salad like me. I know it is so simple, but the taste is incredible. Believe me. I’m not sure […]

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Easy Zucchini Kale Pasta I Smart Party Planning

Easy Zucchini Kale Pasta

Today’s delicious kale pasta with zucchini and shredded cheddar cheese is courtesy of our contributor Ilona from Ilona’s Passion. After browsing recipes on the internet I stumble upon on “kale”. I have to admit I’ve never had a kale until recently. I’ve never bought before and never tried it. However, after reading all about kale how […]

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Homemade Beef Stew with carrots and onions I Smart Party Planning

Home Made Beef Stew Recipe

This delicious home made beef stew recipe is courtesy of our contributor Ilona from Ilona’s Passion. This amazing beef stew recipe with carrots and onions can be easily prepared. Ever since I can remember beef stew was my favourite types of food. When I was a little girl we had nice family gatherings at my […]

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Easy chicken parmesan

Oh, So Easy Chicken Parmesan

Today’s easy Chicken Parmesan recipe is courtesy of our contributor Marla from Organic Life on a Budget. One of my all time favorite Italian dishes is Chicken Parmesan.  When I finally learned how to make this at home, I was so proud to serve such an awesome, classic dish, that is oh, so easy to make! The […]

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Loaded sweet potato with spinach, bacon and cheese I Smart Party Planning

Sensational Loaded Sweet Potato Recipe

Don’t you just love how some people can make the most delicious recipes with minimal ingredients?  That’s certainly what our contributor Ilona from Ilona’s Passion has done this week.  This loaded sweet potato not only looks amazing, but it’s incredibly easy to whip up! Loaded sweet potato with spinach, bacon and cheese is the best […]

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Homemade Veggie Pizza Pockets with black beans

Homemade Veggie Pizza Pockets

I am a HUGE fan of pizza, so was delighted when I saw this month’s recipe from our contributor Marla at Organic Life On A Budget.  These veggie pizza pockets look seriously sensational and I know they would become a favorite in this house! You know those frozen pizza pockets that you buy at the […]

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Easy Pork Sliders with Garlic Gravy #Easter Recipe

Easy Pork Sliders

I am delighted to welcome Marla from Organic Life On A Budget to our contributing team.  What a way to make her entrance with these delicious Pork Sliders!   I developed this recipe for Pork Sliders when trying to think of a new type of Easter dinner. I don’t know about you, but in my family […]

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Healthy Tuna Salad I Smart Party Planning

Healthy Tuna Salad

If you are looking for some light refreshment after all the Valentine treats, our contributor Ilona has the perfect thing for you. A light a refreshing tuna salad which will make your taste buds dance in all the right ways!I hope you enjoyed my delicious Basil Roasted Red Potatoes because today I have a new […]

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Garlic Ramen Noodles

How To Make Masala Garlic Ramen Noodles

If you love Indian and noodles, you will love these Masala Garlic Ramen Noodles that Ritu has brought to us today. I have always been a huge fan of noodles and I prepare it often. This time I thought of making it in a different way. I have given it some variations and have made […]

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Recipe of Aloo Chaat

Authentic Aloo Chaat Recipe

The following Aloo Chaat recipe is courtesy of our blog contributor Ritu.  What an awesome recipe to start the year with! Aloo chaat is an authentic Indian street food. It comes from the northern part of India. Or I can specifically say from the capital city of India that is ‘Delhi’. It is also famous […]

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