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Archive | Healthy Desserts

Are you trying to be healthy, but struggle with a sweet tooth? Food can be your worst enemy when you are trying to be good, especially when faced with delicious desserts. But, you don’t have to give up your desserts to still be healthy. These are easy yet healthy dessert recipes that will not make you feel like you are missing out.

Date Muffins

The Best Date Muffins You Will Ever Taste

Part time working mums.  We kinda get the rough end of the deal sometimes. I mean, we are running around trying to squeeze in the 9-5 thing at the same time as doing kindy and school runs, not to mention trying to cook dinners for the family and fill the kids lunch box’s with tasty […]

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Protein Fudge Recipe

The Chocolate Fudge Recipe That Will Make You A Hero

For a healthy chocolate fudge recipe, you seriously need this one! It’s rich and decadent and doesn’t taste at all healthy….but it seriously is! You can eat this guilt free for dessert or just because. The whole family will love it…that’s if you want to share with the kids! Grab this recipe now or regret […]

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Would you like to eat some chocolate muffins for breakfast? This healthy chocolate muffins recipe can be whipped up in literally minutes and enjoyed by the entire family. This is the kind of food that you want to be eating for dessert, or snack time....or breakfast!

Healthy Chocolate Muffins Recipe

A healthy chocolate muffins recipe.  It may not sound possible, but it really is.  Truly…it is!  So healthy in fact, that you could even eat them for breakfast. I am currently in that dreaded post pregnancy period.  It’s where you really want to treat yourself, whilst also trying to loose all the excess baby weight.  […]

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A chocolate mousse recipe that will blow your mind. It's easy to make, tastes amazing and you can eat it guilt free. This is the easiest dessert you could ever want and is made healthy with it's secret ingredient.

How To Make A Sensational Healthy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Inside: A chocolate mousse recipe that will blow your mind.  It’s easy to make, tastes amazing and you can eat it guilt free.  This is the easiest dessert you could ever want. I am obsessed with chocolate, I mean REALLY obsessed!  If I can get my hands on it, trust me I will, and I will […]

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Chocolate Coconut Balls

Healthy Chocolate Coconut Balls

These chocolate coconut balls are another healthy recipe to add to the list of “must make”.  My husband and I have been trying to find healthy recipes but also cater to our sweet tooth. This recipe from Isagenix is another absolute winner.  These chocolate balls not only look amazing, but they taste delicious, and definitely […]

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Easy Banana Cake

Healthy & Easy Banana Cake Recipe

This easy banana cake recipe is SO good on SOOOO many levels!  Not only can it literally be made in 10 minutes, and taste absolutely delicious, but it is incredibly healthy for you.    See also: For the chocolate lovers, you can eat this healthy chocolate fudge guilt free.  Yes, it really is possible, and […]

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Banana’s are a super food and great for eating as a healthy dessert. Jazz them up a bit, and fry them with a touch of honey and cinnamon. They are a delicious treat that you can eat as a guilt free dessert. It’s an easy recipe and they can be whipped up in minutes!

Fried Bananas Recipe

This absolutely yummy fried bananas recipe has been circulating Pinterest for a while now, so I thought I would give it a crack. Well they certainly didn’t disappoint, they were super yum, incredibly easy and a big cheer for being healthy!!!    See also: For another awesome healthy banana recipe, you should make this banana […]

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