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Carnival Themed Birthday Party

In a week’s time my mother’s group will be holding a joint birthday party for our kids second birthday.  With all the preparation for that party, I suddenly realized I hadn’t actually posted the joint first birthday party that we held last year.  It may be a year late, but today I would like to share the carnival themed birthday party we held for our group of one year old’s.

Carnival themed birthday party

This carnival themed birthday party was being held for a group of eight one year old’s and a mix of boys and girls, so we wanted a party that was going to be bright and colourful.  We decided on a carnival theme because this is a perfect theme for a co-ed party.  It was easy to decorate for, and gave so many options for delicious food.  We used numerous vibrant colours and decorated with simple balloons and bunting.  The table backdrop was made up of several plastic table cloths, which were easy to work with and incredibly cheap (perfect for a mum’s budget!).  For a bit of fun, we put our artistic skills to work and drew out some carnival characters, including a carnival master, clowns and a seal which all added vibrancy and depth to the table.  These drawings may not have exactly given a professional slick look to this party, but that was not what it was about.  This party was all about being simple, bright, and entertaining.

Carnival themed birthday party decorations

Carnival themed birthday party clowns

Carnival themed birthday party

First birthday party

Carnival themed birthday party decoration

Carnival themed birthday party clowns

Carnival Themed Birthday Party Food:

The great thing about preparing the food for this theme party, was pretty much “anything goes”.  There was a mix of both sweet and savoury including sausage rolls, hot dogs, cheese and dips, popcorn, cupcakes, jelly and of course the main feature….the birthday cake.  We decided on a simple smarties cake in the shape of a number one, knowing that the kids would absolutely love this.  If you would like to make this cake for yourself, you can follow the link to the recipe here.

Smarties Cake

Carnival cupcakes

Chocolate Mousse

Carnival popcorn

Mini hotdogs

Mini sausage rolls

Fruit Skewers

Rather than purchase a present for each of the kids, we pulled names out of a hat to ensure we were only buying one present.  The kids opened their presents at the same time and it was wonderful to see the excitement on their faces.

It was pretty hard getting a picture of all the kids together, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one with you of the birthday cake. We placed sparklers on the cake to save eight one year old’s trying to blow out candles, and their faces were priceless.  They had never seen anything like it….he he.

Smarties Cake

The kids had an absolute ball, and it was a fun filled day….just how a first birthday party should be!

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