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Australia Day Celebrations 2014

We normally do our weekly round up on a Sunday, but as it’s Australia day tomorrow, I thought I would bring it forward by a day.  I didn’t think you would mind!

So if you are having some Australia day celebrations and you need some last minute ides….then you have come to the right place!

Today we are going to look at some Australian recipes and decorations for your party, and printables which you can download for free!

Australia Day Celebrations

Planning Your Australia Day Celebrations

I’m sure many Australian’s will be having lamingtons at their Australia day celebrations.   The delicious fluffy sponge, chocolate icing and coconut just says one word “delicious”.

An Australia day party just wouldn’t be complete without a lamington!  It may be a bit late to actually bake them now, so if you want them for tomorrow, then a quick trip to the shops may be necessary.  However, there is no rule about lamington’s being only for Australia day, so if you would like to make them for yourself, here is a great recipe from the Cake Mistress.


Ever since I have lived in Australia, I have listened to the debate about whether pavlova was invented by the Australian’s or the Kiwi’s. Personally, I really don’t mind who invented it, all I really care about is that it tastes amazing!!!!

As it’s Australia day and the debate is still a hot topic of conversation, a recipe for the pavlova couldn’t be overlooked here for our Australia day celebrations!  So take a peek at this one from Taste and let me know what you think!


Thinking about getting creative and making some Australian flag jelly!  The kids would love this, and how cool does it look!  This recipe from Bake Me A Blog would be easy to prepare, especially at short notice!

Aussie Flag Jelly

Your Australia day celebrations wouldn’t be complete without some punch, and the team at Kidspot have brought you this Australia Day punch.  Pop on over for the delicious recipe.

Australia Day Punch

Of course, when it comes to the decorating, don’t forget to check out our own Australia day posts.  Unfortunately I did not get the chance to design any new printables this year, but I have two sets from last year that you could choose from.

If you are after some printables with the National colour, then check out some party ideas here and obtain the FREE printables here.

Australia Day Celebrations

Alternatively if you prefer your Australia day celebrations to be green and gold, you can obtain some FREE printables here.

Australia Day Green and Gold

What will you be doing for your Australia day celebrations this year?  I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family and have the opportunity to really enjoy some great Australian delights.

So tell me…..was the pavlova invented by Australia or New Zealand????????????

Thanks for reading


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